Ziegler as    adviser    plans for Russian mobilization    Jacinda Ardern announces resignation

Ziegler as adviser plans for Russian mobilization Jacinda Ardern announces resignation

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Jacinda Ardern announces retirement: She doesn’t have the strength for another four years, New Zealand’s prime minister has said. Ardern plans to step down in February, she announced at a festive event. When Ardern was elected Prime Minister in 2017, she became one of the youngest women to head a government at the age of 37. More on that.

The pressure on the FPÖ “is important anyway”: ORF State Director Robert Ziegler is said to have actively advised the ÖVP in 2018 on the FPÖ songbook case, as his internal emails to officials show. On the eve of the state elections, he also secured state governor Mikl-Leitner ample TV presence, which she also took advantage of in the end. More about it [premium]

Zelensky criticizes international hesitation to provide aid: Nearly eleven months after Russia’s war of aggression began, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accused the international community of hesitating too much. “The time the free world needs to think is being used by the terrorist state (Russia) to kill,” he said in a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos. At the moment, the main focus is on anticipating Russia’s military mobilization. Learn more in our live report.

Is Putin planning a new mobilization? When the Kremlin openly denies something, there is probably some truth to it. This is how one might describe the current speculation about a new wave of mobilization in Russia, writes Jutta Sommerbauer. More about it [premium]

Are we putting up with too much? A legitimate question that fits many threads. Matthias Auer brings them up to date morning glow in terms of rejected customers, price increases, billions in aid. Energy companies haven’t made many friends lately. Now there is also the suspicion that they are robbing us during the crisis. More on that.

In revision: The Security in Crisis Act will be examined this Thursday. The information was disclosed by the Ministry of the Interior. After about a year of work, the coalition submitted a draft last November. However, the opposition refused to go along with this and severely criticized him. According to reports, there has already been an agreement with the opposition.

Led on the slippery slope: The ice dream opens on Thursday: with a smaller area and new refrigeration technology. Gastronomy has been expanded, ticket prices remain the same. More about it [premium]

From the Archives: The Female Moura: 100 years ago, the Neue Freie Presse wrote: A trapdoor is threatening to be opened through which the undesirable female element in state office must smoothly and unobtrusively disappear. More about it [premium]