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Zecs du Québec: Introducing young people

Across the network of ZECs in Quebec, young people who want to discover hunting and practice it in complete safety and in ideal conditions can benefit from specific programs.

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In order to give young people easy access to hunting, the leaders of the Zec network have decided to create a free program for children under 17 years old. The only very important condition is that they must be accompanied by at least one adult who has all hunting licenses. You must contact the ZEC you wish to visit to find out whether the promotion is in force and under what conditions.

Small game hunting is the most interesting way to introduce a young person to hunting. No special technical knowledge is required. All you need is a good area with easily accessible roads and trails to flush grouse or grouse. In this regard, the ZECs are excellent areas. It can be practiced with friends or family.

Personally, I feel that this hunt is ideal for introductory hunting as it does not have a competitive component or result pressure like other hunts. In addition, it is easy to get close to these birds, which are common in the forest. This means you can enjoy nature even in autumn, one of the most beautiful times of the year.

Several ZECs offer induction activities for the next generation. There is the Jaro Zec with its Nature Youth program, the Batiscan-Neilson Zec with its Place à la Succession and Feminine Hunting events (418-337-4545), and the Bas-Saint-Laurent Zec with its acclaimed Hunter initiatives Manager (418-723-5766).


There is nothing easier than hunting on the territory of a ZEC.

To practice a hunting activity it is not necessary to take part in a raffle. However, it is important to organize your expedition in advance, especially when hunting big game.

In the ZECs network you just have to follow certain very simple rules. You must have your provincial hunting license and firearms owner’s permit. When you arrive, you must register and pay the traffic fees and the hunting package you have chosen. When you leave you must declare your catch.


Some ZECs offer special programs with events such as Place à la jeunesse and Hunting for Women. Photo provided by Zec Québec

All ZECs can provide information about available species, hunting areas and other conditions.

Handy tools

Small game hunting can be carried out daily or as part of a longer stay.

You can also use various tools to make your hunting adventure easier.

Avanza mobile cards can be used on-site. This application allows real-time geolocation in the same way as a GPS, without the need for internet access. ZECs’ georeferenced maps, which show topography, bodies of water, location of infrastructure and more, make your local journey much easier. They’re free and much more detailed than what a GPS could offer.

There is also another version of cards: iFaune cards. They are designed to help you explore the area and find suitable locations where you can find the game you are looking for. They are offered especially for small game.

These hybrid maps can provide you with very precise information, particularly on eco-forests, which are so important for locating small game. They can be used on your phone even without an internet connection. These cards are not free. To obtain it you must visit the website reseauzec.com where you will find all the details on costs and availability.

To introduce it to a young or old person, the ZECs of Quebec undoubtedly represent very interesting areas, easily accessible without having to pay large sums.

Make the best out of it !

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