Ze Neto speaks about the recent controversies and vents on

Zé Neto speaks about the recent controversies and vents on Instagram: "I’m only looking for peace"


The singer took to Instagram Stories to comment on recent controversies he has been involved in

Reproduction/Official Instagram of the duo Zé Neto and Cristiano  Zé Neto poses for social networks.Reproduction/Official Instagram of the duo Zé Neto and Cristiano Zé Neto poses for social networks.

This morning, Saturday (21st), Ze Netoof the duo with Cristiano, returned to comment on the controversy he was recently involved in. The singer took to Instagram Stories to apologize and better explain his lines. The controversy came after the compatriot made a speech during a show where some people took it as indirect for Anitta.

“Guys, I’m throwing away all kinds of hate here. I see several people rebelling. Know that I don’t condone hate and rejection of any kind. I just wanted to pass that not everyone knows the pain of others. It’s very easy , attacking someone and seeing it, which was never my intention. I just wanted to show a point of view. But I respect everyone’s opinion. I understood that hatred does no one any good. I don’t want anyone to be angry with us. or who goes with what I said. I never meant to incite hatred, but I’ve learned a lesson from everything I’ve been through. Everyone carries their pain and everyone has their reason. God bless you all. Of those, who wish evil to those who exhausted him. Thank you for the affection,” the singer began.

In a series of videos, the singer further explained his point of view and apologized. “Guys, the number of engagements, the comments for and against have practically doubled, but I just wanted to say one thing, folks. Never, ever, for the life of my children, our intention was to incite hatred, in a way, because I wanted to show the side of those who live on the farm, those who live in the fields, the side of those who put on a boot and go to the milking, those who drive a tractor, of the cabocó who take a harvester . of the victim that it is, but never incite hatred. I think that is far from us and I apologize to those who misunderstood,” he stressed.

“I wanted to rebuke all kinds of hate that is built up because of a wrong expression I made. In some things I affirm my point of view and in some things I don’t. I think people are free to choose what they want… want and their point of view each time. There are people who wear yellow boots and see how it works on this site who support me and talk here. There are people on the other side who also know how it works. It doesn’t matter, so here we represent the music and sing that we do it best,” the sertanejo continued.

To end the speech, Zé ​​​​Neto apologized to the people who were offended by what had happened. “I just wanted to say sorry to the people who were offended. Thanks to the people who have supported me, but I do not support hate in any way. May we insist on always believing in our dreams. I don’t I can even speak correct Portuguese, imagine other languages, I respect each one for their merits, for their talent and for everything… Sorry for some positionings I had, for some unfortunate words I held have, but it comes from the heart. I’m not after anything. I’m just after peace.”, done.