1675494500 Zambrano is uncomfortable with Alianzas situation yesterday they told us

Zambrano is uncomfortable with Alianza’s situation: yesterday they told us we were playing but not today

Zambrano is uncomfortable with Alianzas situation yesterday they told us

The experienced central defender spoke about the position of the blue and whites in the dispute over the broadcasting rights of the 1st division with the FPF.

Return. Liga 1 didn’t get off to a great start and a WO (walkover) was recorded in their first game of the year. It is known that there are seven clubs that maintain their position of not appearing until the FPF withdraws the precautionary broadcasting rights measure filed against Consorcio FĂștbol PerĂș. Aside from the administrative issue, Alianza Lima is one of the institutions that is harmed in sport; In this sense, the center Carlo Zambrano He was embarrassed by what had happened in the last few days.

“They change their minds all the time. Yesterday they told us we were going to play but today they said no. I’m surprised it’s not all settled yet,” he said in front of the Movistar Deportes cameras.

The “Kaiser” hid his desire to play as soon as possible; However, he made it clear that he sided with the Victorian institution’s position on the television rights dispute.

“We are waiting for all this to be resolved soon. We respect the club’s position and we are with them. We want to play as soon as possible and it is resolved for the good of Peruvian football. The team is fine and prepared. ” for what’s to come,” he added.

Next game of Alianza Lima

Although the confidants ratified their decision not to appear, Liga 1 published their official schedule and accordingly the Blue and Whites have scheduled a game against Sporting Cristal for this Sunday 5 February from 10:00 CEST. The game will be valid until date 3 and will take place at the Alberto Gallardo Stadium.