Zakynthos Airport Joke: English Tourist Reports False Delays To Speaker (Wreaking Havoc)  Ferm

Zakynthos Airport Joke: English Tourist Reports False Delays To Speaker (Wreaking Havoc) Ferm

Chaos at Zakynthos Airport (Greece), where a English tourist sowed panic spread false announcements over loudspeakers, perhaps as a joke. “The flight to Gatwick was delayed six hours,” said the voice in English, causing fear and terror among the passengers. After a few minutes, more announcements of entirely fabricated delays followed, until the man was greeted by airport security and turned away from the microphone. The whole “trick” scene was shot by a 22-year-old boy who posted it alone TikTok profile.


The video of the joke at the airport

The video shows the man behind an unattended desk in one of the airport’s gates. He goes to the microphone and says: “The flight to Gatwick was delayed six hours“. He is wearing a Paris Saint Germain tracksuit and sunglasses. Shortly thereafter he provides further information: “Unfortunately, the flight to Manchester was six hours late.” A message that causes confusion, also because there are no flights to that day Manchester were planned.

Shortly after, an airport security officer can be seen in the clip identifying and joining the man. The “Joker” is then escorted by the Greek police.

According to the author of the video, the arrested man was not allowed to board his return flight. “The airport threatened to detain him for three days and confiscate his passport, but after he sat in an empty room for a while they told him to leave.”

The Witness “A Hilarious Situation”

The author of the video also said that the Moment of joke was hilarious: “We were waiting for the gate to open when we heard strange announcements. When I looked up I saw him at the mic so I thought about doing the video. The man made three or four announcements of flights that were delayed by a few hours. And he adds: “Seeing people’s reactions was hilarious because half the airport couldn’t even see it.”

The video has now arrived 72,000 views with hundreds of Comments in support of the “Joker”: There are those who write «He made me laugh», and those who say «He did no harm to anyone».