Yulimar Rojas LIVE for the 2023 World Athletics Championships schedule

Yulimar Rojas LIVE for the 2023 World Athletics Championships: schedule and where to watch the Triple Jump FINALS

The participation of Yulimar Rojas LIVE in the vault final triple The 2023 World Athletics Championships take place TODAY, August 25. The ‘Golden Brunette’ is one step away from winning another gold medal for Venezuela. The renowned athlete also comes with the conviction that she will break her own records and continue to uphold her country’s name in Budapest. In this note you will find the schedule, the venue and everything you need to know about the competition.

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What time does Yulimar Rojas compete for the 2023 World Athletics Championships TODAY?

Next, we present you the official time So you don’t miss the triple jump final with Yulimar Rojas LIVE:

  • Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Miami, New York: 1:25 p.m
  • Colombia, Panama, Peru, Ecuador, Chicago: 12:25 p.m
  • Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay: 2:25 p.m
  • Mexico (Central): 11:25 a.m
  • Mexico (Pacific), Los Angeles: 10:25 am
  • Spain (Peninsula): 7:25 p.m

Yulimar Rojas LIVEYulimar Rojas is close to securing another title at the 2023 World Athletics Championships. Photo: Yulimar Rojas

Where you can watch Yulimar Rojas LIVE at the vault final triple of the World Athletics Championships 2023?

These are the channels j platforms Rojas’ performance at the World Athletics Championships, which took place in Budapest, will be broadcast:

  • Meridian TV
  • World Athletics YouTube channel

Yulimar Rojas LIVEYulimar Rojas made it to the final with his first jump at the 2023 World Athletics Championships. Photo: AFP

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2023 World Athletics Championships medal table: how many medals does Venezuela have?

So far, Venezuelan athletes have not won any medals at the World Championships in Budapest. However, Yulimar Rojas can give his country the first medal.