Yucatan Lions vs Pericos resumption of Game 3 Watch the

Yucatan Lions vs Pericos resumption of Game 3: Watch the LMB Championship Series LIVE

Watch Yucatan Lions vs. Pericos LIVE meet TODAY in Game 3 of the Southern Zone Championship Series in the Mexican Baseball League (LMB). The game in Kukulcán had to be suspended due to rain and will resume today, Friday September 1st, from 3:00 p.m. (Mexico time). The Longhairs led 4-1 early in the seventh inning. Follow the events of the game HERE.

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When will Leones de Yucatán vs. Pericos play for the 2023 LMB Championship Series?

Game 3 of the series in betweenYucatan Lions vs. Puebla Parakeets for the Championship SeriesLMB 2023Depending on where you are, it will continue at the following times:

  • Mexico (middle)Nicaragua: 3 p.m
  • Mexico (Pacific)Los Angeles: 2 p.m
  • Mexico (Quintana Roo)Colombia, Panama, Peru, Chicago: 4 p.m
  • New York, Cuba, Venezuela, Chile: 5 p.m
  • Argentina, Brazil: 6 p.m
  • Spain (peninsula): 11 p.m

Yucatan Lions vs Pericos resumption of Game 3 Watch theThe Lions vs. Pericos was suspended again after a start due to rain. Photo: ESPN shot

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Where to Watch Game 3 of Leones de Yucatán vs. Pericos for Game 3 of the ALCS?

The game between Yucatan Lions vs. Parakeets You can enjoy it on the following channels and streaming platforms:

  • Star Plus
  • ESPN
  • Jonrón.TV (Streaming)