YouTuber mother who starved her children is arrested in the

YouTuber mother who starved her children is arrested in the US for child abuse .com

YouTuber Ruby Franke is accused of child abuse against her own children. Reproduction/YouTube

An American YouTuber who flaunted her family life and promoted strict parenting practices on social media remains in police custody this Saturday (2) after being arrested on charges of aggravated child abuse, authorities in Utah reported.

On Wednesday (30) Ruby Franke and her partner Jodi Hildebrandt were arrested in the town of Ivins after one of their frail and hungry children found refuge in a neighbor’s house.

“The minor was extremely thin and malnourished, had open wounds and had duct tape on his extremities,” as if he had been handcuffed, authorities said in a statement.

Another minor “in a physical condition similar to malnutrition” was found by police in the family home. The two children were taken to the hospital.

On Friday (1) the two women were accused of serious child abuse, the local press reported. The two remained in custody Saturday, according to county jail officials.

Franke, a mother of six, rose to fame through her nowdeactivated YouTube channel “8 Passengers,” in which she portrayed her family’s daily life and promoted strict teaching standards, including food deprivation as punishment.

In excerpts from his videos shared by internet users after his arrest, Franke threatens his children with “losing the privilege of eating.” Elsewhere, one of the children explains that he slept on a bean bag for several months after “losing his room” for telling a bad joke.

The channel was banned from YouTube. According to the American press, almost 2.5 million people watched the broadcast at one point.