Your exs name given to a cockroach his letters recycled

Your ex’s name given to a cockroach, his letters recycled in toilet paper… 3 good ideas for a little Valentine’s Day

Each Valentine’s Day, various businesses and organizations double down on their Valentine’s Day inventiveness just to advertise cheaply around February 14th.

However, it is not just about sending love to the chosen one or the chosen one of your heart. With a lot of imagination, humor and a healthy dose of pettiness, some companies offer to get revenge on your ex (or your “ex-to-be”) in quite original ways. Here are three cool ideas to vent your grudges and ease your conscience.

Give your ex’s name to a real live cockroach

For a $25 donation, the Toronto Zoo in Canada allows you to symbolically name your ex (or anyone else) after one of the cockroaches that live their peaceful lives at this large zoo.

Little loved by the general public, its insects play a major ecological role in the great cycle of life. “Valentine’s Day is not a good time for everyone, we were inspired by similar initiatives in US zoos,” said Kelsey Godel, fundraising programs coordinator.

Once the cockroach of your choice is chosen (they all look the same, the zoo doesn’t promise you that you’ll find your little darling if you visit spontaneously), you will receive a digital certificate with the name of your former lover(s), the one with the cockroach is associated. All information is available on the website.

Turn your ex’s love letters… into toilet paper

Very often, being confronted with a loved one’s letters and other messages and text messages is a difficult test. Australian toilet paper brand Who Gives a Crap, which usually makes original PQ rolls with different patterns, has published a rather special offer on its website a few weeks before Valentine’s Day.

The Flush your ex campaign aims to salvage crazy love letters, heated WhatsApp conversations, Valentine’s Day greeting cards and more to turn them into recycled toilet paper rolls.

Something that will make you smile again as you wipe your butt with your ex’s now hated words… before blushing in a mixture of relief and glee. All information about this brand with very good taste can be found here.

Replace your ex in your photos with the object of your choice

In a way, Picsart is an artificial intelligence in the service of revenge.

The photo-editing service recently offered an AI that can turn any bulky ex into a baguette, a tuna sandwich, a giant cell phone, or an Eiffel Tower… the choices are endless.

You understand, it’s about humor, mean and mean as it is. A way dedicated to this American company to show the power of its tools that allow to cut out any object or person. Whether they are still part of our lives or not. You can try the tool here.