Young man goes to the hospital thinking he is in

Young man goes to the hospital thinking he is in a stress crisis and discovers desperate diagnosis

26yearold Sunny Thukral experienced moments of despair when she went to the hospital thinking she was just having a stress crisis and a troubling revelation.

With her head full of the death of her grandfather, the end of a relationship and all the demands of being a student at one of the best universities in the world, the girl believed that the intense pain and mental confusion was just a bad moment in her life .

The University of California Davies veterinary student’s concerns began in the spring when she realized she was struggling with tasks that once seemed easy to her at the school.

At first, the young American thought maybe she just needed medication for her migraines. However, after a month of using paracetamol, the drug stopped working.

Unable to endure the intense pain and mental confusion, the young woman decided to seek emergency medical attention, but instead of just receiving medication, she was surprised with a brain scan and quick hospitalization.

After 48 hours, Sunny Thukral received one of the most difficult news of her life: she had stage 4 glioblastoma. It’s an aggressive, incurable, and deadly brain tumor.

Believing she had little time left, the young woman told her parents, who quickly transferred her to Los Angeles to undergo treatment with a neurosurgeon at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). could.

So that she no longer took any risks, the doctor removed most of the young woman’s tumor in June, and she continued to receive radiation for six weeks.

During her treatment, Sunny documented every step on TikTok to raise awareness of the disease and connect with other young people with the same diagnosis.

Although the young woman went through really difficult and painful moments, she surprised the doctors with a significant tumor reduction in five months.

Now Sunny is staying on treatments to get rid of the disease for good, celebrating that “I’m not going to live my life for two, three, or four years. I still hope to get married, have children, see them grow up. I’ll make it.”