1695358347 You wont like the movie youre in

You won’t like the movie you’re in

You wont like the movie youre in

In Joan is Horrible, the most successful episode of the final season of Black Mirror, a woman discovers to her horror that her own life, including her most intimate secrets, is being told in detail in a television series in which Salma Hayek plays her. But this ordinary citizen (Annie Murphy) has no right to complain: at one point she clicked “Yes, I accept” under conditions that allowed the Streamberry platform, a parody of Netflix itself, to spy on her life and control it dramatize. To make matters worse, Hayek doesn’t even have to act. The actress gave up her body and voice so that an artificial intelligence generation system could do everything else. You can’t complain either.

A futuristic nightmare? Not so much: in recent days we have seen videos in which Belén Esteban and Chiquito de la Calzada speak in perfect English, and some poor girls from several high schools in Almendralejo have been attacked with the distribution of false images in which they appear naked were. All done with simple mobile applications, nothing very sophisticated. Scarlett Johansson has long been tired of appearing in porn films without having taken part in them. Welcome to the world of deepfake. This can contain videos, audios and photos as well as texts. In which you will never know what is true and what is a lie.

Film production in Hollywood has come to a standstill because real actors who delight us on screen have gone on strike to demand, among other things, that contracts limit the transmission of their image and voice to generate synthetic content. That is, they don’t want to find out in the near future that after a supporting role, the studio appropriated their appearance and recreated it in another film that they won’t see a dollar from because they’ve already accepted signature that their avatar is used shall be. Even the extras who take mere crumbs from a film’s budget have to sign such clauses. They are the easiest to replace.

“They took 100 years of film history and turned it into an app,” says “Joan is Horrible,” a modern twist involving quantum computer systems that create multiverses that The Truman Show warned about. That your dull life can be lucrative for the vultures who mine everything. If you ever come across a movie that you’re in and you didn’t know you were going to be in, assume you won’t like it.

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