quotYou will be greatly missedquot Carmen Russo Sudden Grief

"You will be greatly missed": Carmen Russo, Sudden Grief | Goodbye is a tearjerker PASSIONEtecnologica.IT

Carmen's sad postCarmen Russo – Technological passion

Carmen Russo is a well-known Italian show business woman who is loved for her cheerfulness and determination with which she performs at all times. Unfortunately, one of her latest Instagram posts is about sad news.

Carmen Russopseudonym of Carmela Carolina Fernanda RussoShe is a well-known face of Italian show business. She is an Italian showgirl, actress and dancer, today she is 63 years old and she continues to be at the center of gossip in our country.

Russo has been married to her fellow dancer for years Enzo Paolo Turchi, born in 1949, choreographer and dance teacher, with whom he began teaching. The two got married in 1987 and never separated, they always ran their dance school together in Palermo. They form one of the most famous television couples in our country.

Carmen and Enzo have a lot of fun together, as evidenced by their social profiles, where they very often post funny and romantic photos and videos. Together they have also participated in various Italian reality shows, which makes people talk about them and their passionate relationship very often.

Recently, some rumors spoke of an alleged couple crisis, both have come forward, denied everything and clarified the situation, Carmen and Enzo are a crackling and very united couple.

Carmen and the relationship with Enzo

Carmen Russo has recently had a large presence on television for her participation as a competitor in the Big Brother VIP. During the program, the woman was able to make herself known and express herself, her determination and already well-known courage stood out. While she was behind the screens, her better half Enzo took care of her daughter and kept saying that he missed his wife and was hurting her a lot.

Carmen then spoke publicly about the relationship, stressed the closeness of the two and denied all possible rumors about their couple crisis. In fact, Russo often posts photos with her husband, but one of the most recent posts was different and dedicated to someone else.

Carmen Russo and farewell to LollobrigidaCarmen Russo – Technological passion

Carmen’s farewell

In recent days, sad news has saddened the Italian public, one of Italy’s sex symbols has passed away, it is Gina Lollobrigida. Unfortunately, the woman died, but left a large and deep mark that brought Italian beauty overseas.

Posting the photo with the actress and her husband, Carmen wrote: “Dear Gina, you have always been a special woman, a world artist with great humanity. Thank you for your friendship, one day in your villa we spent an unforgettable afternoon, you told Enzo and I some very amusing anecdotes. Thank you we will miss you very much. RIP sweet beautiful mythical woman.”