You missed it!  André Carrillo revealed that technical command did not provide any information on Redmayne

You missed it! André Carrillo revealed that technical command did not provide any information on Redmayne

Peru’s non-ranking at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is still present throughout the Peruvian population. Although two days have passed since the bitter loss to Australia, the talk is still alive of the game that ended in a penalty shoot-out. In fact, one of the protagonists in this episode was the Australian goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne.

Although unknown to Peru fans, this goalkeeper seems to have been unknown to the players of the Peru national team as well. In an interview, Peru goalkeeper Diego Penny said he spoke to André Carrillo and told him they knew nothing about the 33-year-old goalkeeper.

“Yesterday (Tuesday) I spoke to André Carrillo on his birthday and he told me that they practiced penalties but that they didn’t know anything about the goalkeeper (Andrew Redmayne). The technical command always fills you with information. Maybe they missed this situation this time,” the ‘Dragonfly’ told RPP.

Andrew Redmayne plays for Sydney FC. Photo: composition/ shot by Movistar Deportes/ AFP

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“Nobody expected to reach this authority, certainly not even the technical command. However, they did not pass on the situation of the “dancing” goalkeeper to the players. When the player kicked, the goalkeeper was already thrown aside,” he added.

About Andrew Redmayne’s “Strategy”

He did pirouettes for the goalkeeper from Alianza Atlético de Sullana Andrew Redmayne were valid; However, he clarified that this did not mean that he had “taken us from the Lornas”.

“I don’t feel like the goalkeeper grabbed our shoulders but I was prepared for that moment. Peru have great kickers but sometimes it’s time to fail,” he said.

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Australia’s goalkeeper almost gave up football

In an interview he gave to the Sydney Morning Herald in 2021, the 33-year-old goalkeeper admitted he was close to giving up professional football as he didn’t feel confident.

“I still liked to work hard and enjoy the training. But I think there was a bit of self-doubt, I just didn’t think I was good enough to be honest. I used to be plagued by self-doubt,” he said. Andrew Redmayne.

When will the Peru team play again?

Although the national team is not at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, they have already agreed on an international match. A few weeks ago, Blanquirroja confirmed that they will face Mexico at the FIFA date in September.