1674984332 You have mail De Filippi asks Alessandro quotI openquot

You have mail, De Filippi asks Alessandro: "I open"

You have mail De Filippi asks Alessandro quotI openquot

A story that caused a lot of discussion. TO You have mail a mother of Paceco, province of Trapani, wanted to restore the relationship with his son, whom he had not seen for ten years. Reason? After making another life and leaving her husband. To call Alessandro at C’è Posta per te, his mother and his brother Salvatore. “Please, I was wrong to leave, but can we talk again after ten years?” the mother says in front of her son and Maria DeFilippi.

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But Alessandro is unyielding: “I can forgive anything, but not betrayal. You betrayed everyone, my father and his children,” Alessandro said. De Filippi then used persuasion to persuade the boy to allow a call to his mother: “Doesn’t that seem like a 10-year sentence? What should this woman do? If you say yes to a call, “I’ll open the envelope”.

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And despite the boy’s initial reluctance, in the end the envelope was opened, despite the prodding of the audience, who repeatedly disliked Alessandro’s words against his mother. The boy has agreed to keep in touch with his mother from time to time, but at the moment he does not want to be in constant contact.