1667439092 You didnt create this trend the accessory of discord

“You didn’t create this trend”, the accessory of discord

Barbara D’Urso, her looks are causing a flurry of criticism, especially after Afternoon 5 flaunted a comment.

The Neapolitan definitely has a super cool style. There is no age limit for Barbara, she often wears super sexy clothes that show off all her curves. After all, in addition to a healthy diet, D’Urso goes to her teacher’s daily dance class early every morning. With her girlfriend and her parquet heels, the woman always keeps fit and we have to admit that she has crazy legs. Therefore, she often chooses short dresses: her beautiful, slender and toned legs are the result of many sacrifices in the gym.

D’Urso has a clear style: she not only loves midi and tight-fitting dresses, recently she prefers lace, but also flared trousers, which she always combines with blouses in a slightly retro style. Barbara definitely has taste, even if controversy erupts online over her recent looks.

Barbara D’Urso charged with aiding and abetting. All fault of Afternoon5 official profile

The woman opted for a black skirt and jacket look, which she paired with a very simple white shirt and tie. A look that is undoubtedly reminiscent of the typical uniform of the Le Iene program. In fact, under the photo, many write that it could be a perfect conductor, and also skillful. Others, on the other hand, particularly love Barbara’s tie and say the woman started a real trend.

Afternoon5’s profile shares and underlines the comment in which the student of the program received the compliment as well as the credit for having started a new trend: however, some web users do not accept it!

You didnt create this trend the accessory of discord

There are those who say that Barbara started the tie trend and those who believe that this accessory has been used by women since the 90’s and that this trend keeps coming back. Nothing innovative and new in her look, finally a few weeks ago Chiara Ferragni opted for a hyena look that she loved very much, precisely for the choice of accessories: yet nobody gave her this trend except for maternity!

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