“You are the future of Quebec, why would you use violence?”  – VAT News

“You are the future of Quebec, why would you use violence?” – VAT News

As armed violence erupts in the metropolis, community organizations work with vulnerable young people to prevent the worst from happening.

Pierreson Vaval has been dedicated to helping young people from the black community in vulnerable situations in the Rivière-des-Prairies neighborhood for 25 years.

“If we’re able to respond to this need, to preserve and strengthen identity and dignity, for (young people), there will be no more interest in violence because we’ve told them, ‘No’, you need that not to take your place. This is your place in your community. They are people we need. […] You are the future of Quebec, so why should you use violence?”, underlined Mr. Vaval, who is also director of the RDP team, in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

His organization has also funded an artist collective to paint a Black Lives Matter fresco.

“In Rivière-des-Prairies we should invest in symbols, in creations, in works that are really meaningful to young people because, firstly, they understand it, secondly, it is around them and it sends a message to the entire population.” , he thinks.

While Quebec has poured $90 million into Operation Centaur, the Pozé Coalition, which brings together organizations like Équipe RDP, believes prevention should get as much funding as response.