Yolanda Diaz says Lula is a quotlighthousequot for Democracy the

Yolanda Díaz says Lula is a "lighthouse" for Democracy the international region

EFE agency

The Second Vice-President and Labor Minister of the Spanish government, Yolanda Díaz, reiterated in Brasilia that the President-elect of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, is a “beacon” for democracy in the world.

“President Lula and his team are a beacon to the world in democratic terms,” ​​Díaz said in statements to reporters in Brasilia on the eve of Brazil’s new president’s inauguration, which King Felipe VI will attend. will attend.

In particular, Díaz praised the choice of various ministers appointed by Lula, including unionist Luiz Marinho for the Labor portfolio and Arielle Franco, sister of assassinated councilwoman and activist Marielle Franco, for equality.

The Spanish Vice-President, who made these statements alongside Luiz Marinho, pointed out that Lula and his team show that “this is the way to expand democracy in the world”.

Díaz met with Marinho and later plans another meeting with the future equality minister, whom he said he is “proud” to lead the portfolio in a country “with multiple factors of inequality.”

During their brief meeting, Díaz and Marinho spoke about labor reforms in Spain and Brazil, particularly in the area of ​​digital platforms, as well as other issues such as the minimum wage, the need to strengthen the trade union movement and “industrial relations with rights”.

During the election campaign, Lula announced that he would promote legislation similar to Spanish law that would regulate the labor rights of drivers and delivery workers working for digital platforms.

Díaz announced that the Brazilian Ministry of Labor will send a delegation to Spain on January 27 to finalize a joint work agenda related to these labor issues.

Marinho said that Lula’s government intends to “drink from the waters of experience” of Spain on labor issues, on the points already mentioned and beyond on matters such as cooperatives.

Díaz arrived in Brasilia as an outpost of the delegation led by King Felipe, who will arrive in the Brazilian capital this Sunday, accompanied by Foreign Minister José Manuel Albares, to attend Lula’s inauguration.