Yolanda Andrade reveals what it was like to share addiction

Yolanda Andrade reveals what it was like to share addiction with Julio César Chávez

  • Yolanda Andrade revealed that she’s been to three rehabilitation clinics and that they took her away the last time she was hosting the Netas Divinas program.
  • The driver assured that she could spend up to three days locked in a bathroom with Julio César Chávez, where she was consuming substances.

The presenter Yolanda Andrade gave an interview to Isabel Lascurain for her YouTube show, in which she opened her heart and spoke about the main events that have marked her life, such as the excesses she experienced together with the boxer Julio César Chávez.

“I was very drunk, I drank two bottles of whiskey or vodka a day and combined it with cocaine, which I loved,” she told the Pandora group member. Also, he remembered that one season he approached José José to tell him about his situation, but they never drank together, however he did with former boxer Julio César Chávez and it happened after he fought in the ring had been very good friends, as they had always been.

“It was locked in the bathroom with a bag of coke for three days. He finished a fight and it was a complete success, madness, congratulations, the artists who came to greet him and we locked ourselves in the bathroom and stayed there for a long time, we woke up with a tape recorder and we have mijares heard one of ‘Uno entre mil’, I played it until the record was scratched,” he recalls.

Yolanda Andrade reveals what it was like to share addiction with Julio César Chávez

He also said they cried and talked together for many hours and he believes it was because they both felt very sad and alone, but the only joy it brought them was sharing a bath with to take a recorder.

The presenter revealed that on several occasions she thought she had hit rock bottom, but she realized that there were always rock bottoms and she couldn’t stop. As such, she assures that the most important thing about being sober was accepting that she had a problem and trusting those who told her she was unwell and tried to help her.

Yolanda also spoke about the last time she hit rock bottom and the ones who helped her were her colleagues from ‘Netas Divinas’ who spoke to her: “On the show they stopped giving us wine because I drank from everyone and it was a problem because the call was at 7am and I had already finished the bottle”.

Isabel Lascurain, who was part of the program at the time, realized that they all suffered when they saw her badly, so they celebrated when they brought her to the clinic and to this day congratulate her on every anniversary without drinking.

“I left the ‘Netas’ for that reason, I spoke to the guys and they told me ‘we’re waiting for you here’ and it’s not just going to a clinic, it’s going back to your past, why, where is it and why I went to three, today I know it’s very simple, it’s just willpower, every day I cross myself and celebrate myself, I say to myself ‘Congratulations Yolanda, I love you'” said Yolanda Andrade, who to date is 11 years old without drinking a single drop of alcohol and far from any addiction.

It should be remembered that Julio César Chávez told Yordi Rosado in an interview that his addiction to coca began after winning the fight against Héctor ‘El Macho’ Camacho when he first tried it, arguing that he fell on drugs. because despite all the achievements in the world in sports and money, he had no real friends and felt lonely.

Yolanda Andrade reveals what it was like to share addiction with Julio César Chávez