Ying Tang Twins’ D-Roc collapses on stage at Vanilla Ice Show

Ying Tang Twins’ D-Roc collapses on stage at Vanilla Ice Show

D-Roc had to be dragged off the stage at a folk festival.

The Ying Yang Twins have a history of going a little too hard on stage. In 2017, Kaine had to be escorted off stage in the middle of a performance after the duo member could barely stand up. Now the other half of the twins, D-Roc, has had a similar experience.

At a concert in Springfield, MO this weekend, D-Roc collapsed on stage and had to be dragged away by two security guards. The duo had been in their set for half an hour when he fell to the ground and security rushed over to help.

The Ying Yang Twins, who achieved mainstream success in the early 2000s through collaborations with artists such as Britney Spears and Lil Jon, performed at the Ozark Empire Fair. The concert was directed by Vanilla Ice.

D-Roc’s condition is currently unknown, and it’s unclear exactly what happened. Apparently temperatures were in the 80’s so it seems like heat exhaustion is unlikely. His breakdown definitely put a damper on the show, but the concert continued after he was pulled from the stage.

Earlier this year, the Ying Yang Twins appeared on VladTV to refute the origins of the “haaan” ad lib. They claimed they invented it, not French Montana. “Listen, the saying came from my dad at a time when he was at a bad point in his life, so we made that saying up,” Kaine said. “It’s the fact that when we got to New York, New Yorkers said, ‘F**k that s**t French Montana is talking, that ‘Haaan’ s**t came from y’all.'”