Yes that is our intention – Seahawks GM John Schneider

“Yes, that is our intention – Seahawks GM John Schneider to extend DK Metcalf’s contract

“Yes, that is our intention.”

It’s a quote that might reassure you or make you skeptical, but that’s what Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider told reporters Tuesday at the NFL Annual League Meeting when asked about the future of star wide receiver DK Metcalf. Do not believe me? I understand. Maybe ESPN’s Brady Henderson can convince you.

Pete Carroll also tossed the “intent/intent/intent” line when he wanted Metcalf to stay with the Seahawks long-term.

Of course, we’re only a few weeks away from Carroll telling the media at the NFL Combine that they “had no intention” of trading Russell Wilson, when in fact a trade had been going on for some time and eventually did. We knew Wilson wanted to move on and that the Seahawks never seemed to want to extend his contract again.

During that offseason, more established receivers Tyreek Hill and Davante Adams were traded to new teams and became the first and second-highest paid receivers in the league, respectively. Even for regular free agency, the Los Angeles Chargers signed Mike Williams to a 3-year, $60 million contract, and the Jacksonville Jaguars made Christian Kirk an $18 million-a-year player, despite him during his Time with the Arizona Cardinals has never posted overly impressive stats.

Unlike the Wilson deal, which publicized friction in the years leading up to the deal, there’s nothing to suggest the Seahawks would want to divest from any of their few remaining high-priced assets.