YEEZY GAP is a resale hit – Highsnobiety

YEEZY GAP is a resale hit – Highsnobiety

The new standing of YEEZY on the resale market is confirmed: the used YEEZY GAP is booming.

Ye’s YEEZY brand saw over 1,063% trade growth on StockX, according to the site’s Big Fact: Current Culture Index. As a result, Kanye Label is now the number one fastest growing apparel brand on the resale platform.

Presumably the egotistically creative “God” would love nothing more than to thank himself. Surprisingly, however, the YEEZY GAP partnership deserves a pat on the back.

According to the semi-annual report, YEEZY’s staggering growth contributed to StockX’s “successful collaboration with GAP.”

I’m honestly not surprised. YEEZY GAP offers Yeezus disciples an affordable way to dress their way.

Between the democratic accessibility and the Kanye association, the partnership is basically foolproof no matter how messy its inner workings are!

Sure, it’s a bit unfair for YEEZY to take all the credit considering its high-level resale status is the result of a team effort with GAP.

If StockX’s report identified the fastest growing collaborations, YEEZY GAP would surely be at the top of the resale grocery chain.

Despite the frustrating slow burn of YEEZY GAP Engineered by Balenciaga Drops and Demna leaving his position as an engineer, YEEZY GAP just keeps getting bigger.

If only the benefits were reciprocated on the part of GAP. Then YEEZY could actually save the American clothing brand from its financial problems.

StockX’s report also saw some expected and unexpected winners. New Balance continues to climb the ranks, thanks largely to its 550 model. Despite its existential crisis, the 550 from New Balance is probably the most hyped model at the moment.

Hot Wheels is experiencing a resale renaissance. MSCHF game products are officially collectible. HOKA is a certified used market hit.

Swatch is also having a moment in Legacy Land. There are no surprises there.

The collaboration with Omega turned into global chaos, creating block-by-block queues worldwide and selling it for nearly 10 times its retail price of $260.

It will be interesting to see if YEEZY maintains its hot-ticket resale position in the post-retail space, especially now that YEEZY GAP is available in GAP stores nationwide.

Nonetheless, I suspect Kanye fans will keep the hype surrounding YEEZY GAP’s online drops alive by constantly flipping web releases despite a plethora of unfolded, crumpled devices waiting in controversial in-store bin bags.

Yes, only that Ye effect is back in play.

Anyhow, while we wait for the release of YEEZY GAP sunglasses, how about this dumpster dive?

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