1673303382 Yanna Lavigne talks about the distance between her daughters and

Yanna Lavigne talks about the distance between her daughters and Bruno Gissoni

Yanna Lavigne began 2023 in an atmosphere of reflection and this Monday, January 9th, she published a great text to talk about the experience of motherhood with her daughters madeleine5 years old and ameliawho is now 1 year old.

In the outburst, she said how she feels being without the little ones and her husband Bruno Gissoni. “It’s not a luxury to leave yourself alone with all the necessary support network. Don’t find a mother without a partner strange, don’t judge the single mother or mother in all her states, don’t devalue the empowerment so coveted, so elusive. Don’t underestimate our daily efforts and don’t neglect our decisions,” he began.

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“I feel like motherhood is an invisible job, a mix of a lot of affection and a crisis of understanding who we’re becoming. The love in catharsis for our children, along with so many external considerations, invades our routine and even takes space from who we are,” he continued.

“Before you judge a woman for outright sexism, try to reverse the roles. If it were a man taking the same action, would you point out so many fallacies? Sisters, do not give looks, point fingers, or give opinions that do not know anything about you. Join another sister who only understands you by looking at you,” he said.

“In our uniqueness we create space for the balance of motherhood. We definitely need to work on our selfawareness and selflove toward more conscious ways for this generation in our care. And that this is already a generation that approaches motherhood with more support and empathy,” concluded Yanna.


In December, Yanna Lavigne and Bruno Gissoni used their free time and the sunny day in Rio de Janeiro.

The couple was photographed on Barra da Tijuca beach in Cidade Maravilhosa. With a watergreen patterned bikini, Yanna refreshed herself with a delicious swim in the sea.

In addition, the celebrity did not seem to mind the presence of photographers at the crime scene and showed her good physical condition. Bruno, on the other hand, decided to keep his body active and practiced “Altinha”.

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Yanna Lavigne talks about the distance between her daughters and

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