Yanet Garcia the traumatic experience she had at Televisa but

Yanet García: the traumatic experience she had at Televisa but that made her famous

TV presenter, model and star presenter Yanet Garcia (31) is one of the most popular celebrities in the world of Latin American television these days, but for the Monterrey (Mexico) native, life hasn’t always been easy and not everything in life has been smiling. In fact, before becoming the host of Televissa Hoy, the beautiful and talented presenter went through quite a few storms.

And that’s it Yanet Garcia rose to fame as a TV forecast host. but before that, to resort to a metaphor of his activity, he had to go through a series of hurricanes, typhoons and various storms. However, these situations only strengthened Yanet, forging the personality and figure of who is now one of the most popular presenters in Latin America.

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Yanet García: the traumatic experience she had at Televisa but that made her famous. Source: Terra Archive.

The difficult and traumatic beginnings of Yanet García on television and that led her to fame

Yanet Garcia is an absolute celebrity today. Not only is she the Morning Star presenter of Televisa, she is also the most popular “weather girl” in Latin America and also shines with her profile on the OnlyFans platform (she is one of the highest paid models on the net). Of course, the celeb’s beginnings weren’t so rosy. And it’s something she herself recalled in statements to the Mexican media.

Before turning 21, the main goal in the life of Yanet Garcia should become a model and accountant. However, when she reached that age, she founded a modeling academy for teenagers. And at this age he also began to work for Televisa, introducing girls to the network for modeling. And at that moment, the proposal that would change her life came to her: to become the weather girl of the popular Mexican channel.

Without being very convinced Yanet Garcia accepted the suggestion. And when she showed up for the casting the next day, there were two other young women outshining her with their respective beauty. The current presenter and model said she did the casting and felt her performance was fatal. But to her surprise, the canal authorities singled her out.

“I would sometimes leave the channel crying and saying, ‘Oh, why did I accept that!’ You really have to be prepared and know what you’re talking about, because the climate changes; they’re hurricanes, they change category. They’re green in color and sometimes the States didn’t hit them, and it was very difficult for me,” he remembered Yanet Garcia about its origins.

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Yanet García: the traumatic experience she had at Televisa but that made her famous. Source: Terra Archive.

To loosen up a bit in front of the camera while gaining confidence Yanet Garcia She filmed herself talking about the weather and uploaded the videos to YouTube. And those very videos would long-term catapult her to become the most popular weather girl in Mexico and all of Latin America.