1693655790 Yalitza Aparicio conquers the Venice Film Festival 2023 with a

Yalitza Aparicio conquers the Venice Film Festival 2023: with a spectacular look

Yalitza Aparicio on the red carpet

Yalitza Aparicio on the red carpet of “Bastards (The Promised Land)” | Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

International festivals serve to bring together the most anticipated films of the year, but also to bring together the celebrities of the moment, whether they participate as a jury or not and even if they do not present a film in competition. Unfortunately, the Panorama was quite chaotic this year due to the strikes of screenwriters and actors that paralyzed Hollywood, so the Venice Film Festival did not have as many characters as always. Still, some managed to be there and their time on the red carpet became a sensation, just like with Yalitza Apariciowho paraded with a very special look.

Yalitza is part of the jury for the Industry-Leading Impact Award at the Venice Festival.  (Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images).

Yalitza is part of the jury for the Industry-Leading Impact Award at the Venice Festival. (Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images).

Yalitza Aparicio became a celebrity overnight

Yalitza Aparicio surprised viewers and critics around the world thanks to his work in “Rome”but the story of how she got the role and everything that taking part in the production meant for her life are points of interest for the public and the media, who keep reminding themselves that it was not her intention from the start to become an actress. Alfonso Cuaron He was immediately convinced that she was the one. to carry his film, and the bet paid off in every way, as the film was considered one of the best of the year and competed for several important awards.

The fact that such a closed system, and unfortunately often racist and sexist, so recognizes the presence of Yalitza represented an important change in the order of things and in doing so, her name became one of the most popular, respected and mentioned names in the industry. But unlike other artists who simply got carried away by the wave of fame, taking on many jobs and staying in the public eye, the artist did not get carried away so easily in order to maintain control over her career.

Yalitza Aparicio in Rome (Source: IMDb)

Yalitza Aparicio in Rome (Source: IMDb)

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Little by little we have seen more of the actress in proposals like “Presences”, “The Great Seduction“And even the short films”“Daughters of the Witches” And ““Factory Girl”, projects he joined because of their stories and messages. For Yalitza Aparicio It was very important not to succumb to and encourage the industry’s prejudices, and that’s why she doesn’t take any role lightly, even if it means not seeing her on the big screen as much as other Mexican actors who also have conquered Hollywood in recent years. .

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Yalitza Aparicio surprises on the Venice red carpet

Something that has become clear with the career of Yalitza Aparicio is that she is trying to make the most of her newfound popularity to send strong and important messages about racism and xenophobia, especially while living in Mexico.

Believe it or not, red carpets and the fashion world are powerful allies because they allow you to prove again and again that you can break old molds.and that this world of luxury performances is not limited to certain types of women of certain nationalities, but also serves as a model for future actresses trying to break into the medium.

Aparicio was one of the celebrities who appeared on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival with a look that many experts are already praising for its elegance and simplicity, and in addition, she was an outfit that gives a taste of what is to come will be seen at the Fashion World Film Festival this fall. The actress from Rome, WHO is part of the jury for the Industry-Leading Impact AwardShe appeared in a Louis Vuitton mini dress and Mary Jane shoes and accessorized her look with Cartier jewelry:

Before I show off in this outfit, Yalitza Aparicio She wore a pink Mexican Dior dress with Cartier jewelry and proudly showed off both looks on her social media. As said earlier, the actress is taking her time accepting roles but that doesn’t mean she is moving away from the industry.

In addition to her presence at such important events as the Venice Film Festival, she is also preparing some projects that remain secret for now, but which she will certainly talk about in due course.


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