Yailin welcomes the year dance reggaeton in a nightclub Canal.webp

Yailin welcomes the year dance reggaeton in a nightclub Canal RCN

One of the most controversial relationships of 2022 was that of urban singer Anuel AA and the most viral Dominican Yailin, who were heavily criticized for the way they presented themselves on social media.

Of course, the courtship between the artist and the Colombian Karol G was also relevant in this competition. Also, let’s recall that they both got married just a few months after becoming friends.

On the other hand, the couple announced that they were expecting their first child, who would be a beautiful girl. They even threw a gender reveal party. The little ones’ name: Cattleya.

a special festival

First, the rapper posted a video of the view from her apartment, where the various fireworks to commemorate the arrival of the New Year were witnessed.

But the most controversial came! Considering that during her pregnancy, the young woman went to a nightclub to sing some iconic fashion songs.

Wearing a fitted pink dress, Yailin enjoyed her night. A curious fact is that her partner Anuel did not accompany her.

However, on the afternoon of December 31, the woman shared an Instagram story that included the following message:

The good thing about the game is that everyone has their turn.

Was it related to a specific person? I don’t know what happened, but hours later he deleted the picture from his personal account.

The message from Karol G

Additionally, his name rang when Karol G sent a goodbye message for the year, emphasizing that they broke his heart:

Thank you 2022 for how difficult you have been but even more so for everything you taught me. Every day I feel different, I feel happier, stronger, calmer, love myself very much and appreciate every little gift in life and that never-ending love from you that I’ve never lacked… I still have the memories of many Tears, frustrations and questions and things that kept breaking my heart (maybe to make it nicer again) but also dreams that come true, of endless smiles, of being able to visit the most incredible places I’ve ever known, and the wisdom to be able to say that I count the millions of health, family and good times and that it doesn’t matter what or how or when…

Consequences: “Everyone’s turn,” Yailin sends a strong New Year’s message

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