Yailin La Más Viral would have SEPARATED from Anuel AA in the first CRISIS of her marriage

Yailin La Más Viral would have SEPARATED from Anuel AA in the first CRISIS of her marriage

After 69 days of marriage Yailin la Mas Viral would have Cut of the rapper Anuel AA After unable to overcome first crisis from his marriage And now she appears to be single again, to the surprise of thousands of fans who already gave them couple of the year and now they’re dealing with the breakup.

Until a few days ago,

Yailin la Mas Viral

She toasted the press in the Dominican Republic by declaring that she wasn’t pregnant as she had speculated and now, a few days later, rumors are surfacing that the singer has become pregnant. Cut from Anuel AA.

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The rumors about first crisis from marriage from Yailin la Mas Viral & Anuel AA. The beautiful Dominican removed her Instagram profile, in full marital turmoil between reggaeton’s most controversial couple.

Let’s remember that the marriage of the two urban music stars emerged in the midst of controversy after the self-proclaimed “God of Trap” ended his engagement with Colombian Karol G in order to find himself a new chance at love Yailin la Mas Viral who divided opinions among fans of the genre.

For this reason, Yailin La Más Viral would have split from Anuel AA

Some media outlets in Puerto Rico point this out Yailin la Mas Viral would have Cut from Anuel AA after the singer’s jealousy got out of control, a situation accentuated by the last video the Dominican singer broadcast live, in which he was seen having fun alone with friends.

Last night she had a live show where she was enjoying herself and a lot of people said Anuel was half jealous he was out of the country but I Moisés Salce can’t go into it they told me to keep quiet about it

Journalist Moises Slace assured that it is first crisis from marriage from Yailin with Anuel AAso it can take hours to fix or, in the worst case scenario, breakage is confirmed.

Yailín has deactivated her Instagram account, it is allegedly said out there, it would be the first argument, argument, the separation of the marriage between her and Anuel AA

Although the prospects for the couple don’t look encouraging at all, Santiago Alofoke, a personal friend of Anuel AA would have confirmed that Cut from Yailin The Most Viral and that could be final.

Yailn would be pregnant and on the verge of divorce. AA Anuel

The news media “This is not radio,” said the couple, who is going through a marital crisis in the midst of Yailn’s alleged pregnancy. “Beware, because there is a strong crisis in marriage, and hopefully it will not happen because there is even talk of divorce.” There is a situation involving Yailin and Anuel’s marriage that may already result in divorce. “Let’s hope it doesn’t happen, and that we send a doctor who can help with the marital crisis,” the media said.

Anuel AA is confused and acclaims fans of Karol G

The Puerto Rican singer’s fans did not ignore his behavior with his partner during a concert. As a result, they recorded when Anuel AA exclaimed to Karol G fans rather than Yailn La Más Viral fans, “Where are all the ‘criminals’ and all the ‘bebesitas’?” The chivirikas and the criminals.”