Yailin La Más Viral reveals the first PHOTO of Cattleya’s face, her daughter with Anuel AA

Yailin La Más Viral reveals the first PHOTO of Cattleya’s face, her daughter with Anuel AA

Since Yailin The Most Viral Y anuel aa shared the happy news of their pregnancy in which they revealed the gender of their baby, the artists shared through their social networks some details about the development of the little girl who they wanted to name cattleya. Most recently, the Dominican showed one photo his ultrasound, in which disclosed Per first time the face of his daughter with the singer

Yailin The Most Viral Y anuel aa They married in June 2022, since that date the artists have gone through several controversies commenting on infidelity. However, to silence those rumours, the singers surprised their fans by announcing that they were expecting their first baby. Yailin is currently six months pregnant and is expected to give birth to the baby girl cattleya in the second quarter of 2023.

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Recently, Yailin The Most Viral The rapper surprised all her fans disclosed the first photo from face from cattleya. This photo is from a recent visit to the doctor to see how her pregnancy is progressing. In this screenshot, you can see the little baby sucking his thumb, but what catches our attention is that in this ultrasound, he showed his little face.

On the official account of daughter from anuel aamanaged by his parents, this photo was shared where you can see it in detail face of the baby is first photo shows the face of the daughter of Yailin The Most ViralFollowing the release of this photo, fans of both artists began commenting on the post, pointing out that the little girl is a carbon copy of Anuel.

In this photo there was someone commenting on that cattleya He looks like his older brother Pablo while others made it clear that he is just like his mother, Yailin The Most Viral. However, there were some snarky comments pointing out that the daughter from anuel aa looks like carol g

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is first photo the disclosed Yailin The Most Viral from face from cattleyaIt comes after there were some rumors that the Dominican had complications with her pregnancy and that she even gave birth to the baby. And it so happens that a few days ago, Yailin shared a series of photos where he was undergoing medical treatment, which raised alarm among his followers.