Xuxa denies allegations of cutting the line in election

Xuxa denies allegations of cutting the line in election

Along with her dog Doralice, 59yearold Xuxa went to vote at the Colégio Estadual in Rio de Janeiro’s West Zone. However, the presenter was accused of cutting the line in the elections and justified herself on her Instagram.

In the social network, the socialite said that she didn’t want to cause a riot at the time of the elections, so she asked for the help of a longtime acquaintance.

“In order not to have the usual uproar, I asked a follower I’ve known for 30 years to stand in line for me. That way I wouldn’t bother anyone if some people want to take a picture with me,” he stressed.

But the action generated even more resonance when a lady shouted that Xuxa was going to cut the line. Instead of not attracting attention, the eyes turned to the former “queen of the little ones”.

“For the first time, a small group with an unsuspecting lady started yelling that I cut the line (since I went straight to vote), I kissed her and then kissed my shoulder. Maybe not [a senhora] understood, because it is obvious that he is a person with little sense,” added the moderator.

On Instagram, the actress made it a point to clarify the gesture to the lady. According to the famous, she gave the “kiss” so as not to answer the lady rudely and not “sink to her level.”

Xuxa also took the opportunity to comment on her vote. “To clarify, drawing for this lady in the Brazil jersey: I am calm with my voice, I said no to the symbol of the gun and yes to a Brazil with less hatred, prejudice, discrimination, racism, homophobia and love for nature”, finished.