Xuxa denied marrying Szafir and revealed what she forced him

Xuxa denied marrying Szafir and revealed what she forced him to do

Xuxa spoke about the Szafir relationship and commented on the requirement

Xuxa and Luciano Szafir They were a couple back in the ’90s and early 2000s. Despite years of dating, the blonde didn’t want to make the relationship official. But this has nothing to do with the actor, it has always been the presenter’s way of managing her relationships, so much so that today she is dating Junno but has not married.

In an interview with Caras in 2018, Xuxa recalled her love story with the actor, with whom she had her only child, Sasha. “I met Luciano and we had a little history when I was 24 and he was 19. I couldn’t continue the relationship because I wasn’t comfortable with the 6 year difference. Soon we met again and I invited him to my hotel for dinner. He said to me: “Xuxa, it’s men who invite women to dinner”. I said yes, perfect, and we had dinner together.”

She also expressed concerns about catching AIDS and to refer to Szafir, Xuxa demanded that he take the test: “He went to the hotel and we met again. I asked him to take the AIDS test. When he returned to Rio with the result, I confessed that I would like to be with him, but every now and then. He accepted.”

Xuxa Meneghel alongside Luciano Szafir (Photo: Disclosure)Xuxa Meneghel alongside Luciano Szafir (Photo: Disclosure)

Also, they always took care of each other in their sexual relationships until Xuxa decided to become a mother. “Yes, we never made love without a condom. When I revealed my desire to be a mother to him, he said that we had to get married first. I said I was considering the possibility of getting pregnant through artificial insemination. I wanted to be a mother before I was 35. He accepted the agreement not to marry and we made love without a condom. I got pregnant right away,” she said.

In the end, she commented on the pregnancy and that she was right in choosing a father for her daughter. “When they confirmed my happiness, I looked at Luciano and asked him: ‘And now I will have you all my life…?’ (laughs). Today I love Luciano, I want the best for him. I loved him, but it was different from other loves. He was a man of the moment, not of the future. I didn’t want to die by your side. And I always knew that. These days I always pray that he’s okay. I love your children, I love you. Not as a man, but as the person who gave me the most beautiful thing I have, my daughter. And she has a father who adores her,” said Xuxa.


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