Ximena Navarrete wears the perfect white dress for days at the beach like a queen |  PHOTO

Ximena Navarrete wears the perfect white dress for days at the beach like a queen | PHOTO

That summer vacation have become celebrities’ favorite seasons as they share some of their best beach outfits with the intention of inspiring his followers; However, e.g Ximena Navarrete Fashion and style are part of her everyday life and she has impressively demonstrated that White dress.

the ex miss universe joined the celebrities pushing their visit to paradisiacal destinations in Mexico to escape the intense tourist arrivals in the US Summer and the beach is one of his favorite places as he can relax while enjoying the sea, sun and sand.

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This time the model did it accompanied by her little daughter, Ximena, pose on the beach in a comfortable White dress which allows you to do all sorts of activities with your baby, without neglecting the weight style and elegance that’s what sets her apart.

White dress by Ximena Navarrete. Photo: Instagram @ximenanr

The dress has one simple design with small openings at the waist that have a ruched design to highlight that part of the body. It has one at the top light cut in “V” that provides more movement, while in the lower part it has a long “tube” up to the ankles.

Beach looks by Ximena Navarrete

Her talent for the catwalks and her sympathy both off and in front of the cameras have made Ximena Navarrete one of the most popular models of the public that they do not stop complimenting her stunning beauty and enviable figure, which she adorns with a worthy appearance boasts .to copy on the beach.

White is one of the driver’s favorite colors on her visits to the beach, as it reduces the feeling of heat and can be combined with more intense tones in accessories and shoes to make her stand out and draw attention to this part of the body.

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Ximena Navarrete in a white dress. Photo: Instagram @ximenanr

Colorful outfits are a big part of it Summer and while a few celebrities left the footprints in the spring, there’s every indication they’ll be some of the favorites for the beach outfits. As Ximena demonstrated Navarrete in a dress of pink and red tones.

It is a garment with ruffles on the sleeves, hem and hem low neckline to be highlighted by the volume and the effect it has on the beach. Thanks to its versatility, the dress can be worn both for a walk on the beach and for an elegant dinner.

Strawberry dress by Ximena Navarrete. Photo: Instagram @ximenanr


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