Xi Jinping  Putin call, China calls on Russia to find solution for Ukraine

Xi Jinping Putin call, China calls on Russia to find solution for Ukraine

Relations between Russia and China, as the two presidents noted, “have reached an unprecedented level and are constantly improving”. The call took place on the Chinese leader’s 69th birthday

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Today, on his 69th birthday, Chinese President Xi Jinping received a phone call from his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin. This was reported by the Chinese state network CCTV. Xi Jinping noted that “all parties should push for a proper resolution of the crisis in Ukraine in a responsible manner.” According to the official media report, Xi added that China “stands ready to continue playing its role in this regard.” (WAR IN UKRAINE. THE SPECIAL – LIVE UPDATES)

Xi: “Russian action in Ukraine is legitimate”

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The call, which took place on the Chinese leader’s 69th birthday, is useful in demonstrating “unlimited” friendship and a partnership, as defined in their joint statement on February 4, that has no “prohibited areas of cooperation.” The Kremlin, quoted by Tass, said that for Xi Jinping, “Russia’s actions to defend its national interests in the face of external challenges are legitimate.” The two leaders also stressed that “the Russian and Chinese positions in the global arena are united, or in any case very close.”

China and Russia: mutual support in sovereignty and security

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Relations between Russia and China “have reached an unprecedented level and are constantly improving”. This was stated by their respective Presidents Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping today during the phone call in which they agreed to “strengthen cooperation in the energy, financial and industrial sectors in the face of illegal Western sanctions”. This was announced by the Kremlin, quoted by TASS. China, as President Xi Jinping said, is ready to work with Russia to “continue to provide mutual assistance on issues affecting fundamental interests and major concerns such as sovereignty and security, enhance strategic coordination between the two countries, and strengthen communications and… .” Coordination in major international and regional organizations such as the UN, BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization”.

Putin: China excellent development thanks to Xi

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Vladimir Putin said that under Xi’s leadership, China has achieved remarkable results in terms of development, and Russia expresses its warmest congratulations and acknowledges that bilateral cooperation has steadily developed since the beginning of the year. Moscow also supports “the global security initiative proposed by the Chinese side, and opposes any force interfering in China’s internal affairs under the pretext of so-called Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other issues, and is ready to promote multilateral cooperation with China.” strengthen”. . The two sides, Xi Jinping added, should promote their actions with emerging and developing countries, which should “unite and work together to develop the international order and global governance in a more just and reasonable direction.” The Chinese president also stressed that China-Russia relations have “maintained a good pace of development” since early 2022 amid turmoil and global changes. Bilateral economic and trade cooperation is “progressing steadily and the Heihe-Blagoveshchensk bridge has been opened to traffic, providing a new channel connecting the two countries.”


The Zero Covid policy and the uncertainty associated with the international context are weighing on the Dragon’s economy. There are those who speak of momentary difficulties and expect recovery, and those who are more cautious and expect conditional and “timid” growth. Meanwhile, S&P has revised down the country’s growth forecasts

China’s rush seems to have stopped. In April, retail sales fell 11.1% yoy, while industrial production fell 2.9% after growing 5% in March. Both numbers, Cnbc notes, are worse than analysts had been forecasting and come on top of a 4.6% slump in manufacturing, mostly driven by declines recorded in auto and plant manufacturing.

According to the Bureau of Statistics quoted by the newspaper, “the international competitionincreasingly somber and complex, and the even greater shock due to the Covid pandemic have obviously exceeded expectations, and the new downward pressure on the economy has continued to grow.” However, future projections are optimistic and the impact of the virus is defined as temporary, which is why the economy is expected to stabilize and recover.

According to Bill Russo, CEO of a Shanghai-based company cited by Asia Nikkei, the data shows that supply shortages and factory closures have impacted the industry’s ability maintain stable volumes the production. His opinion is widely shared