WWE SummerSlam 2022 Results and Video! – Info Battle – Info Battle

WWE SummerSlam Nashville, TN, July 30, 2022

WWE presented its 2022 SummerSlam premium live event on July 30 live from Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee.

– The SummerSlam 2022 Pre-Show begins with a welcome from the panel consisting of Kayla Braxton, Jerry Lawler, Booker T, Kevin Patrick and Peter Rosenberg.

– The panel presents the games of the evening.

– Sarah is with Theory backstage to find out how he is feeling tonight. The theory goes that he feels he’s on top of the world, it’s his time, it’s SummerSlam. After tonight we will have the Age of Theory. He will regain his US title and then cash in on his MITB contract to become the Universal WWE Champion.

– WWE Ambassador Titus O’Neil is on stage to greet all the fans. O’Neil takes this opportunity to thank the organizations in Nashville that help people. He announces that WWE is donating $20,000 to three organizations.

– We present the video about the mysterious man, we can read the mention that he arrives tonight.

Commentators are Jimmy Smith, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves for RAW. With Michael Cole and Corey Graves for SmackDown.

– Tonight is WWE SummerSlam, the PLE starts with the opening video. The wrestlers then enter the ring.

RAW Women’s Championship

Becky Lynch vs Bianca Belair (c)

At the end of the game, Becky attacks, but Belair gives her a Spinebuster. Belair comes around the corner, but Becky gets up and kicks her. The two face each other on the corner, Becky pulls her hair down and does her man handle slam to cover her, but Belair resists two. The two wrestlers exchange punches. Becky tries to knock him out of the corner with a man handle slam, but Belair knocks her out with a Spanish fly. Belair continues his KOD, counting to three.

Winner: Bianca Belair

– After the fight, Belair celebrates his victory. Lynch gets up and wants to shake his hand, Belair agrees. The two hug. Becky goes, however Bayley’s music Begin ! Bayley arrives at the scene and takes the opportunity to greet Belair. The music of Dakota Kai starts and she allies with Bayley. The music of Io Shirai begins and she joins Kai and Bayley. The three wrestlers exit and enter the ring to confront Belair. Bayley says she has the best clan. Becky Lynch returns to support Belair! Bayley says it’s three against two. Becky and Belair signal that they are ready to fight. Bayley’s clan decides to back down and leave.

– We present a video of the story between Logan Paul and The Miz.

The Miz acc de Ciampa and Maryse against Logan Paul

At the end of the game, Ciampa is about to hit Paul, but the referee sees him about to and sends Ciampa backstage. Ciampa is angry and signals that he will stay here. AJ Styles music starts and he jumps out of the crowd onto Ciampa. AJ and Ciampa will fight in the crowd.

Paul uses the Springboard Punch Miz opportunity to cover him, but he resists two. Miz rolls down the ring, Paul joins him and sets up the commentary table. Paul puts Miz on the table and climbs into the corner. Maryse tries to stop him but Paul still gives her a Frog Splash through the comment table! Paul takes him back to the ring and tucks him in, but Maryse distracts the referee. Miz takes the opportunity to grab her necklace, but Paul dodges the punch and Miz almost accidentally touches Maryse. Paul benefits with a skull crushing finale for the account of three on Miz!

Winner: Logan Paul

– We present a video about the strength of Brock Lesnar.

– Behind the scenes we find MMM at photo shoots. Maxxine Dupri offers them the drink to keep them well hydrated during a long day of photography.

– We present a video about the career of Roman Reigns.

– The theory comes into the ring. Lashley steps in, but Theory starts hitting him repeatedly with his briefcase on the back! Lashley stands up and the match begins.

US Championship

Theory vs. Bobby Lashley (c)

At the end of the game, Theory avoids Lashley’s javelin kicking in the corner. Theory goes for a hold, but Lashley blocks him and applies his hurt lock to get him tapping.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

– Presenting the video of WrestleMania 39.

Game by team without disqualification

Judgment Day (Finn Balor and Damian Priest) with Rhea Ripley against Rey and Dominik Mysterio

At the end of the game, the Mysterios shove Balor and Priest back onto the second rope and go for 619, but Ripley pulls the two down the ring! Priest takes the opportunity to grab Rey and choke her. Balor asks for a chair, but the music from the edge begins and it comes out of the ground in flames. Edge comes in and does a Big Boot to Priest at the bottom of the ring. He continues with a spear to Balor in the ring and another to Priest. The Mysterios doubles 619 Balor and Rey covers it for the win.

Winners: Rey and Dominik Mysterio

– We present a video on the story between Corbin and McAfee.

Happy Corbin vs Pat McAfee

Toward the end of the game, McAfee overwhelmed Corbin with a super plexus and covered him, but he fought off two. The two trade strikes. Corbin charges him, but McAfee dodges him and he crashes into the post and falls off the ring. McAfee comes around the corner and goes Swanton Bomb. McAfee brings Corbin back into the ring. McAfee comes back to the corner but Corbin gets up to avoid the hit. Corbin goes for his finisher but McAfee pushes him away and Corbin accidentally hits the ref. McAfee Low Blows Corbin and Sunset Flip Bomb count for the three.

Winner: Pat McAfee

– Drew McIntyre arrives at the crime scene. McIntyre says he likes Nashville. He loves this place so much, the place of the new number one contender for the WWE Undisputed Title, Drew McIntyre. He went to war with Sheamus for 30 minutes to get that spot. Now he wants to talk about tonight’s main event. Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns for the first time…in Nashville…in front of the ringside Colt fan. It doesn’t matter who wins. At Clash at the Castle he will take the title. McIntyre poses with his sword.

WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championship
Special Referee: Jeff Jarrett

Street Profits (Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins) vs. The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso) (c)

Late in the game, Jarrett blocks a superkick from Jey. Dawkins takes the opportunity to make him the Spinebuster. Ford takes the Ta to do his Frog Splash and cover it, but Jey resists two. Ford is angry with Jarrett. Dawkins takes over the day. Ford tries to do a suicide jump, but the Usos superkick him into the crowd. Dawkins comes in but the Usos hit him with a double superkick. Another double superkick and a two-man cutter for the three count.

Winner: The Usos

– We present a video about Charlotte Flair.

Riddle enters the ring with a microphone through the crowd! Riddle says he wasn’t cleared by the doctor to fight, but he can’t take Seth Rollins’ eliminations. Security calls Rollins out of the ring. Riddle asks Rollins to come. Seth Rollins music starts and he arrives. Officials arrive to keep Rollins off the stage. The two fend off security to fight on the ramp. They fight in the ring and Rollins tramples him! Officials fend off Rollins. Rollins leaves backstage and says we couldn’t have SummerSlam without him.

– We present a video about the story between Rousey and Morgan.

Smackdown Women’s Championship

Ronda Rousey vs Liv Morgan (c)

At the end of the game, Morgan has a pain in his arm, the doctor confirms that everything is fine. Rousey applies an arm bar to Rousey, but at the same time Morgan presses her shoulders down for a three count, Morgan simultaneously taps.

Winner: Liv Morgan

– After the fight, Rousey is angry because she saw Morgan knocking, but the referee didn’t do it. Rousey attacks Morgan and puts an armbar on him! The ref tries to stop him, but Rousey also hits him with an arm bar! WWE officials come into the ring to arrest him.

– WWE Hall of Famer Kane is in the ring. Kane says he’s pleased to report fans tonight here: 48,449. Thanks, Nashville!

– We present a video about the story between Lesnar and Reigns.

– Reigns and Heyman enter the ring first. Reigns asks Nashville at SummerSlam to recognize him. Lesnar pulls up in a farm truck. Lesnar sets up his truck in front of the ring and gets into the excavator. Lesnar comes to the microphone.

Undisputed WWE Championship

Roman Reigns (c) after Paul Heyman vs. Brock Lesnar

The match begins and Lesnar jumps off the top of his dumpster to pummel Reigns.

At the end of the match, Reigns dealt Lesnar two Superman punches and he got back up. Reigns followed up with a spear and the ref started the count as Lesnar was down. Lesnar gets up at 7am and Reigns launches into Spear, but Lesnar blocks him and throws him in the ring. Lesnar turns him into a spinebuster on a piece of table. Reigns gets up but Lesnar goes back to get his truck and parks it. Lesnar hits Reigns with a steel step and hits him with a piece of table. Reigns gets up at eight. Lesnar gets Reigns in the bucket of his tractor. Lesnar raises the shovel and knocks him back into the ring. Lesnar does a German suplex to Reigns, another, another. Reigns gets up at eight. Lesnar gives him an F5. Reigns gets up at nine. Lesnar takes it in F5 but Reigns knocks it down in Guillotine. Lesnar shoves him into Kimura Lock. Reigns isn’t responding. Lesnar stops the submission, the ref counts and Reigns goes up to nine. Lesnar gets back in his tractor and uses his tractor to lift the ring to knock down Reigns!

Lesnar sets up the commentary table but the Usos arrive. Lesnar fends off the two Usos. Heyman talks to Lesnar to calm him down. Heyman gives her the belts and asks her to leave her alone. Lesnar gives him an F5 on the commentary table! Reigns takes the opportunity to impale Lesnar. The referee counts, the two come to nine.

Theory’s music starts and he arrives with his briefcase and a referee! Theory hits Reigns with his briefcase. He wants cash, but Lesnar gives him an F5 just beforehand. The Usos rise to attack Lesnar. Lesnar gets up at nine, Reigns impales him. Lesnar gets up again at nine! Reigns takes the briefcase and throws Theory to the ground for fun. Reigns hits Lesnar with the briefcase, prompting the referee to count. Lesnar gets up again. Reigns hits him square in the face with the belt. The referee counts and Lesnar gets up again! Reigns again hits him squarely in the face with a belt. The Bloodline puts a lot of items on him, tables, steel steps and Reigns climbs on it to complete the ten.

Winner: Roman Reigns

– SummerSlam 2022 ends with a Bloodline celebration. Officers arrive to remove the items from Lesnar, who is still on the ground.

To watch SummerSlam, click here.