WWE Smackdown Report 08/19/2022 Drew and Roman face off in

Tonight, Smackdown Live is live from the Bell Center in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Tonight we see the duel between Drew Mcintyre and Roman Reigns and much more.

The episode begins with audio problems on the commentary, just like a few weeks ago… Ronda Rousey comes through the audience again and begins by saying she paid the fine last week and won’t leave the ring tonight until the suspension is lifted.

Adam Pearce safely comes on stage and tells her that the suspension cannot be lifted and respectfully asks her to leave the ring peacefully.

Ronda doesn’t seem to want to accept and prepares for safety, the first two get in the ring and it ends badly for them, two more come and the fate is the same.

The last of the four suffers the armbar and Pearce calls the police who arrive ringside, Ronda has himself handcuffed and taken away.

The cameras follow Ronda until they take her off the cameras and into the car where she tells Pearce she has a nice haircut… but as the police car pulls away, tribal chief Roman Reigns’ car arrives!!!

Now it’s time to move on to the tournament… Sonya and Natalya come into the ring, but against them there will be no Zoey Stark and Nikkita Lyons, but the Toxic Attraction !!


Behind the barricade are Vayley Sky and Kai and Sonya Deville and Jayce Jane start in the ring, the NXT duo completely control the match, taking out their opponents both before and after the commercial break.

Deville finds a reaction against Gigi Dolin and Jane who are in Canada and against Natalya who is looking for a sniper… who does not come in, hot day for Natalya, the audience explodes !!

Suplex series… German, vertical… but Gigi Dolin hits her from behind to then take over the day, the athletes all end up outside the ring in a chaotic moment, Bayley trash talk about Sonya making a big boot.

Natalya and Dolin stay in the ring… SHARSPSHOOTER IN MONTREAL DI NATALYA !!! Jayce Jace’s Blind Tag…Roll up on Natalya 1…2….3 !!!