WWE Raw Report 472022 Independence Day

WWE Raw Report 4/7/2022 Independence Day

Tuttwrestling friends welcome back again this week. Money In The Bank went to the archives, already making the best use of the women’s briefcase and now the men’s will pose a threat. My name is Daniele “The French” La Spina and this is your rough report!!!

Long presentation clip of the episode of Raw in Sauce July 4th, obviously a major holiday for the US.

Then interior view of Pechanga Arena in San Diego, CA. Corey Graves welcomes us from the commentary table with Byron Saxton and Kevin Patrick, Jimmy Smith’s holiday replacement. The three present today’s card featuring Becky Lynch taking on Asuka in a No Holds Barred!!! Also, the Mysterios will challenge Judgment Day!!! Finally there is the new SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan!!! Bobby Lashley will also be in action with the Street Profits to face Theory and Alpha Academy!!!

Just Lashley appears first and gets in the ring. Lashley takes the floor. He says he’s been waiting for this moment for a long time and that there’s no better night to welcome everyone to Raw. Lashley says Independence Day holds a special place in everyone’s heart and he couldn’t be prouder to be the new US Champion. But let’s not fool ourselves: it’s not the titles that make the man, but the man that makes the title. And there isn’t a man in WWE or outside that can beat him for the title.

Theory’s music plays as she arrives, wondering why Lashley is the one starting Raw. Since Saturday everyone has been waiting to hear him speak, if at all. And maybe Lashley beat him, but everyone’s talking about the youngest MITB winner ever. Theory comes into the ring and says that he started out as an underdog: he was in a match with some veterans and ex-Mr. MITB; but he did it right. And he has to admit, maybe Lashley had beaten him, but just like Michael Jordan and Tom Brady together, he stood up and picked up that briefcase to prove he could always do it. Lashley responds by saying he has to apologize because he thought Theory was just trying to be a big idiot. But instead he showed he can’t lose and shattered his ego, he had to be put in a match he didn’t deserve to recover. But if he wants to go one more round… Theory calms down and says the truth is he can always win, can turn out. And maybe he did on Saturday, but he didn’t forget anything: in fact, today he found out that he will have a rematch for his US Championship at SummerSlam. And in the same event, Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns will go head-to-head in an unprecedented match, and he’ll be poised to concede the winner to emerge from SummerSlam as the greatest undisputed champion of all time. Lashley says he’s forgetting the biggest “if” of all. That is, if he makes it to SummerSlam. After all, today is Independence Day and people want to see the fireworks. However, Theory attacks first and lunges at Lashley, throwing the briefcase at him and then repeatedly hitting him with it! Hit series with Theory’s MITB and Lashley collapses. Theory unloads another shot, but Lashley blocks the briefcase and disarms Theory. He attempts to attack while fleeing, but Lashley and Theory’s one-armed spinebuster snaps back with his tail between his legs.

Sarah Schreiber is in Gorilla Position with the Mysterios asking if they have an answer to what Finn Bálor said last week. Dominik says it was pretty disrespectful. If there’s anyone you can only learn from, it’s his father. Rey says they were the first father-son day in history to win the titles. So it will have done something good. Tonight he returns to fight in his hometown of San Diego after 10 years and it’s Dominik’s first time. Tonight, at their house, they will pay their respects to JD to the tune of 619. The Mysterios enter to a huge ovation. The JD’s music then plays, but emerges behind the father and son and attacks them. Bálor and Damian Priest take the lead before knocking them out of the ring. break for us.


Let’s get back on the air with the game having started on Eddie Orengo’s orders. Rey responds to the bets of Bálor (wearing brand new pants) locking him on the corner. Rey’s tilt-a-whirl headscissors and son tag: Dominik’s dropkick, then arm drag. Bálor is on the corner, he brushes Dominik off, but then he manages to hit him and hits him with a springboard arm drag! Bálor finds the tag for Priest, who kicks him in the groin and then elbows him in the face. Launch on the ropes, Dominik harpoons the ropes and then blocks Priest, surprising him with a dropkick. Priest staggers but then attacks, Dom lowers the top rope and throws him out of the ring. Tag for Rey starting from the apron in Seated Senton and overpowering ”ex Punishment Maritnez. Rey gets the action back on the court, Bálor interrupts him on the apron and he knocks him down, only to be caught by a priest uppercut mid-flight between the ropes. Tag for Bálor, he misses a body slam and Rey’s step-up enziguri kick. Tag for Dominik entering with a springboard crossbody! Priest stretched out on apron and then drop toe hold on Bálor. Priest takes a blind tag while Dominik goes to 619, but Priest intercepts them from outside the ring, grabs Dominik in his arms and smashes him into the barriers! break for us.

We return live with Bálor throwing Dominik in the corner but conceding a kick and a Jump Over DDT. Double Day: Rey enters, avoiding Priest. Dropkick on the leg, a series of kicks, but then no Irish whip. Mysterio gets thrown in the corner, jumps into Priest and Tornado DDT hits! 1…2…no!!! Mr. 619 climbs to the top, knocking back Priest and launching into Seated Senton! 1…2…no!!! Bálor stops the pen. Superkick by Dominik, knocking him down. Dominik then attacks Priest but is resigned. Priest climbs the third rope but Rey runs towards his son who throws him at Priest for a Super Hurricanrana in flight!! 1…2…no!!! Rey puts Priest on the ropes, going for 619, but Priest connects an outstretched arm to break Rey’s run-up. Priest also takes Dominik to knock him out on the apron. Tags for Bálor and Front Fireman’s Carry Slam! Bálor for the coup de grace, but Rey dodges and Bálor fails. Rey puts him on the ropes, Priest tries to intervene but dropkick behind Dominik and he’s on the ropes too: Double 619!! Rey then goes to the third rope and tackles Eddie Guerrero before the Frog Splash; but Bálor raises his knees and goes in Small Package! 1…2…no!!! Priest throws Bálor a chair in the ring and then starts distracting Orengo. Dominik tries to hold him back but is turned away. Bálor turns around, Rey sees him and throws himself to the ground like he’s been hit! Orengo turns and sees the scene, with Bálor still holding the chair, triggering the disqualification !!! Rey takes it home Eddie Guerrero style, celebrates with his son and dedicates it to his friend.

We see a short clip dedicated to Logan Paul’s training and signing and then what The Miz said about it last week. In a video immediately after the signing, Paul says he just signed with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon and wants to make one thing clear: he didn’t sign to return to the team at The Miz. For him it is as if he were dead and he will not forgive him. In fact, he will take revenge on Miz and tear him to pieces. We’re right on the mic with The Miz from Megan Morant asking him what Paul says makes you think. Miz says he’s proud. He likes people who are confident and able to use big words, which Paul always does with his products. The problem is that Paul surrounds himself with men and women who always say yes to him and advise him on what to do. Maybe it’s something that works for the others, but not for WWE. He should listen to someone humble like him, who came from outside and made himself with his own hands. Paul needs to understand that he is the good guy in this story. If he retracts his words, they can still work and grow great together, promising him they will become the Undisputed Tag Team Champion. But if he doesn’t accept his offer, he will be merciless, make him pay and teach him humility. Morant asks about last week’s match with AJ Styles and Miz says he didn’t give up but he had two matches and it’s unfair. Morant mentions the attributes of Miz who stops her immediately and says that tonight she will prove they are gigantic because he is The Miz and he is AWESOME!

Aj Styles performs, match with Miz is NEXT…

We return live and see the images from the afternoon of a 4th of July party organized by Street Profits. Montez Ford says US is up like his shoulder on Saturday and… Chad Gable walks in with Otis and shuts her up. Gable wonders how they throw a party after losing. Ford’s shoulder wasn’t up, they just lost. You are as pathetic as this party. Gable asks for silence to read the Declaration of Independence. Ford pretends to read that it says all men and women have the right to tell Gable to shut up, then hits him. Otis intervenes and says not to dare again: Gable is an American hero, an Olympic athlete. Angelo Dawkins says the real hero is Ford, who was a Marine, and then challenges him to a hot dog eating contest. Otis says he’s ready to break all records. Ford then officially starts the challenge.

The Mysterio are backstage and are attacked from behind by JD. Priest rams Dominik into a ladder while Bálor falls to the ground on top of Rey. Road agent and referee come to calm the situation down.


Miz arrives and begins, the competition is entrusted to Rod Zapata. Miz approaches but is blocked. Side headlock by Styles. Styles rope throw and shoulder block. Styles closes the corner, Miz throws it away, then connects a Kitchen Sink. Miz’s punch streak, rope throws and another reverse knee kick in Schoolboy Pin by Styles! 1…2…no!!! Standing dropkick from AJ who then sends Miz out of the ring with his arm outstretched. Styles Slingshot Elbow Smash out of the ring and go commercial.

We return to the air with both wrestlers on the ground. The two stand up together and AJ hits, Phenomenal Blitz and then Sliding Elbow Smash. Styles gets in the corner with a splash and then Ushigoroshi! 1…2…no!!! Miz begs for mercy, but then pulls AJ’s costume, causing him to crash into the peeper. Miz attacks on the corner, AJ looks for the calf crusher, but Miz flips over with a short-snap DDT! 1…2…no!!! Miz begins to kneel AJ’s leg. AJ shoves him back and also shoves him back into the corner, jumping onto the apron. AJ Wastes No Time: Phenomenal Forearm!! 1…2…3!!!

AJ Styles celebrates but Ciampa comes up from behind and tackles him. Ciampa starts with a spanking and then smashes AJ deep into the ring post. Ciampa exposes his knee and tries to hit Styles, but he avoids and hits the Pele Kick. AJ bets on Styles Clash but Miz comes after and Skull Crashin’ Finale!! Miz and Ciampa look at each other contentedly and lifelessly shake hands with AJ.

Liv Morgan will be live on Raw, NEXT…