WWE Elimination Chamber results Reigns retains against Zayn Asuka and

WWE Elimination Chamber results Reigns retains against Zayn; Asuka and Theory Win Chambers Wrestling News and Results WWE Raw, Smackdown, NXT, AEW PRWrestling PRWrestling


WWE hosted Elimination Chamber on Saturday night in Montreal, Canada.

Asuka won the Women’s Elimination Chamber including Liv Morgan, Carmella, Natalya, Nikki Cross and Raquel Rodriguez in the cage.

Rodriguez eliminates Cross first after shooting it into one of the pods.

Liv Morgan is then eliminated by Natalya and Asuka using a combination Sharpshooter and Asuka Lock.

Carmella then eliminates Natalya

Asuka and Carmelal eliminate Raquel.

In the end, Asuka uses the Asuka Lock on Carmella to make her surrender.

This is how Asuka secures her pass to challenge Bianca Belair at WrestleMania.

Bobby Lashley on Brock Lesnar on DQ. They both shared F5s and Spears until Lashley applied the hurt lock but Lesnar hit him low for the DQ.

After the fight, an angry Lesnar hits F5 to Lashley on the commentary table and then another to the referee.

Edge and Beth Phoenix via Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley (with Dominik). Most of the fight was Rhea and Beth, but in the end Edge impaled Balor for the win.

Austin Theory won the Men’s Elimination Chamber.

Ford, Rollins and Gargano defeat Reed first

Priest eliminates Gargano

Rollins and Ford eliminate Priest

Rollins stomps Ford on the outskirts and Theory eliminates him.

They end up opening the door to take out Montez Ford and suddenly Logan Paul walks in hitting Seth Rolins with a cowboy lasso and stomp, only to be defeated by Theory.

Roman Reigns retained the Undisputed Universal Championship against Sami Zayn. Sami’s wife was ringside. Enormous battle full of false endings. In the final moments, Sami hits Roman with Superman Punch and Helluva Kick, but it’s not enough.

Later, the ref falls to the ground and Sami hits Roman with another helluva kick. Jimmy Uso comes out and superkicks Sami followed by the splash. Another referee comes out and Roman marks, but the count gets to 2. Sami kicks Uso and Roman Spears Sami, but the count gets to 2.

The other referee is hit. Heyman gives Roman a chair and Jey Uso comes in to stop Roman. Roman tells him it’s him or Sami and gives him the chair. Jey does nothing, but then Sami accidentally hits Jey with Spear.

Roman hits Sami with chairs and Spear hits him. The referee comes in and counts to 3, so Roman keeps.

After the fight, Jimmy attacks Sami and Kevin Owens comes out to a massive ovation. He attacks Roman and Stunner hits him. He then bombards Jimmy across the commentary table. Heyman tries to stop him and Owens stuns Heyman.

Sami then hits Roman with a Helluva Kick, leaving him knocked out, ending the show.