WWE: Big name spotted in Pittsburgh where Payback Zona Wrestling will soon take place

A few hours after the broadcast of WWE PaybackNews from PWInsider has just arrived: it seems so Jey Uso, who disappeared from the WWE radar for a few weeks, was spotted in Pittsburgh, where the aforementioned event will soon begin. It is not yet known whether he will take part in the show or not; However, his sighting could have interesting implications since he only “left” the WWE two weeks ago after dethroning the Tribal Chief Roman rule and even his brother Jimmy, who was guilty of treason by costing him the match against Reigns at the last Money in the Bank. The same Jimmy who, according to Solo Sikoa on the final episode of Smackdown, is “officially” still part of the bloodline, as he’s not the one who decides he no longer wants to be part of it. We will therefore see if this is related to a hypothetical involvement of Jey Uso, should he make a surprise return after his abandonment – which, as we remember, was only in terms of plot.

Alessandro “Little John” Ciamberlano

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