Writer Who Committed Suicide Reappears on Facebook, Shocking Everyone

Writer Who Committed Suicide Reappears on Facebook, Shocking Everyone

Writerwho would have committed suicide, Susan Meachen, resurfaces on social media and declares herself alive. There was a huge response from the network afterwards as the people who helped in his alleged entourage and the publication of his book were outraged and are now demanding the amount back. So check out the details about the story of this author.

The writer who committed suicide returns and netizens go nuts

Now check everything about the story of the writer who declared herself dead and reappeared:

Susan Meachen

Susan Meachen’s story is quite dramatic, but it caused controversy on social media. This woman is the author of 14 books and lives in Tennessee with her husband and their pets, two cats and four snakes.

But Susan would have declared herself dead in 2020 on social networks via the profile of Facebook your daughter However, the statement stressed that she committed suicide due to mental health issues and suffering bullying for being an independent writer/writer.

As his story grew, his profile became a place of great excitement among people who visited him to speak out about bullying and life issues. But with her supposed death there have been other campaigns like the one made for her wake and for the publication of a book she supposedly finished writing just before her death.

The impact of this story

What few netizens know is that this story of lying about Susan’s death had a huge impact on her life as she would have made a whole scene before her death and then turned up alive.

This has made her the target of much criticism, as the people who followed her and helped publish her book want their money back. In addition, her Facebook, which had become a hotbed for comments from visitors, became a site with a lot of criticism because of the writer, who was believed to be dead for a long time.