WP: "The FBI at Trump’s home searched for nuclear weapons documents".  Killed the man who tried to…    invade

WP: "The FBI at Trump’s home searched for nuclear weapons documents". Killed the man who tried to… invade

In the yellow on the reasons for the flash on the property of donald trump in Florida by the FBI, a nuclear weapons-related hypothesis is taking shape. According to the Washington Post, which cites exclusive sources associated with the investigation, the FBI was looking for top-secret documents related to nuclear weapons. The fear is that they could fall into the wrong hands. And it’s a testament to the US government’s deep concern about the type of information held by the former president at Mar-a-Lago.

These are documents that are generally held by a very limited number of people. It is unclear whether these papers were actually seized from Trump’s estate or whether the information relates to weapons owned by the United States or other foreign powers. Neither Trump nor the Justice Department would comment on the news. But the former president lashed out at Biden in his social truth: “Didn’t he know about the raid? Nobody believes it.”

From Hero to Trump’s Enemy. The alert from Wray, FBI chief: “Death threats from fans”.

by Massimo Basile August 11, 2022WP quotThe FBI at Trumps home searched for nuclear weapons

Meanwhile, the gunman who tried to break into FBI headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, was killed. After hours of hunting and negotiating to turn himself over to the authorities, Ricky Shiffer He was shot dead by police in a rural area not far from the city. He had attempted to break into the office with a pistol and rifle, believed to be an Ar-15. The special agents intervened immediately and opened fire. From that moment on, a manhunt lasted hours. A signal of the increasingly tense climate in the country, where the Florida raids have stirred up the most radical base of Trump’s constituency. With death threats, the head of the FBI also reached Christopher Wray.

FBI searches Donald Trump’s Florida vacation spot: aerial photos over Mar-a-Lago

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According to initial reports, Shiffer is a supporter of the former US President with ties to extremist groups, including one involved in the Jan. 6 attack on Congress. The man was reportedly filmed in a video posted to Facebook at a pro-Trump rally in Washington the night before the Capitol attack, according to right-wing circles.

Meanwhile, after days of hypotheses and uncontrolled rumours, the Attorney General Merrick garland He said he personally authorized the search. Donald Trump has not yet decided whether he will oppose a request from the Justice Department, which intends to make the contents of the search warrant public.

Time is running out. By 3 p.m., the Florida court ruled, the Justice Department that made the request must report whether or not the former president objects to the request.