WoW This functionality considered useless by players will finally disappear

WoW: This functionality, considered useless by players, will finally disappear after 5 years of existence! – Millennium

When you started World of Warcraft recently this problem should probably mean something to you, and maybe even woke some up trauma buried earlier. In fact, if you haven’t leveled up a character in World of Warcraft yet, be sure to make your first progression this step, and until the next patch, from this disappointment.

An abusive move for new players?

If you haven’t leveled up a character yet, until level 60 Leveling is a must in World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth and therefore make a stopover Kul Tiras And Zandalar. Once you’ve reached level 30 and are full of goodwill, you decide to buy e.g 300 golds who represent maybe all your fortune at this point in the game your ability to fly in these areas.

Small problem, back in Zandalar, impossible to take off from Floor, and there is a “good” reason. In order to fly in these areas, you must have completed one in addition to the flight skills you have acquired extremely painful success.

Very many beginners therefore found themselves penniless and, above all, nailed to the ground. However, 5 years after its implementation, Blizzard comes back to this error.

A fix in the next patch?

Good news for new World of Warcraft players, This story is almost over since Blizzard has announced that it will come back to this problem with the patch 10.0.7. With this patch there will be no question of farming long hours in hopes of using your flying skill and you will be able to complete the quests in these areas much faster. A quality of life change that you might not have expected from Blizzard which players will no doubt like who had to deal with this somewhat disappointing emptying of their wallets.

Are we moving towards better quality of life in future patches for World of Warcraft? Fans would probably be pleasantly surprised.