Would you like to join Gusttavo Lima Singer opened 1000

Would you like to join Gusttavo Lima? Singer opened 1,000 job vacancies CLT

Are you looking for a job? How about being an employee? Gustavo Lima? The singer has a vehicle protection company and announced the opening of job opportunities at Bem Protege. It is expected that over 1,000 new employees will be hired with a formal contract in this year 2023. Check out how to apply.

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The announcement of new job opportunities in one of the singer’s many companies was made by Gusttavo Lima during an interview with journalist Léo Dias. He spoke of plans to pursue private business on top of all the success he’s already had in music.

Would you like to join Gusttavo Lima?

During the interview, the singer mentioned the expansion projects of the company that manages vehicle protection services. Currently, Bem Protege has more than 200,000 employees in Brazil and 6,000 employees.

The aim is to continue to grow the business and for this Bem Protege will hire more employees. The company has already started receiving resumes from prospects interested in joining the team and becoming associates of singer Gusttavo Lima.

How do I take part in the selection?

Recruitment will begin in the first months of 2023. Those interested in applying and participating in the selection process can access the ‘Work with us’ tab on the Bem Protege official site.

Simply send the CV and fill out the registration with personal information such as name, email, whatsapp number, your place of residence as well as attaching the CV document.

Gusttavo Lima has made strides in a number of areas during his career as an entrepreneur. In addition to the vehicle protection company, the singer also has a beverage factory as well as a company that produces healthy foods.

He also has a designer clothing line, a steakhouse and a music office to manage other artists’ careers. Gusttavo Lima has also invested in expanding the business of a meatpacking company he is a partner of in Goiás and in franchising meat shops.