would have courage  Netflix is ​​recruiting contestants for ‘Round 6’ inspired reality show

would have courage Netflix is ​​recruiting contestants for ‘Round 6’ inspired reality show

The platform will bring together 456 competitors to take part in a seriesstyle game but without fatalities, the prize of which will be $4.56 million for the winner.

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“Round 6” is the inspiration for the reality show “Squid Game: The Challenge”

French fries 1, 2, 3! after renewal”round 6‘ for a second season, the Netflix is looking for candidates for a reality show version inspired by the globally hit South Korean series, but it’s worth noting there will be no fatalities. In the announcement on a website specifically designed to recruit candidates for “Squid Game: The Challenge(“Round 6: The Challenge”, in free translation) the streaming platform said that it intends to put together the largest casting in the history of reality shows: “456 real competitors will enter the game, looking for a $4.56 million lifechanging prize.” Organizers say they are looking for “Englishspeaking participants.” [que falam inglês] from anywhere in the world”. Under the required conditions, the individual must be at least 21 years old, “willing to participate in the program for a maximum of 4 weeks, currently planned for early 2023” and “willing to travel wherever necessary”.

“Real players will immerse themselves in the emblematic universe of ‘Round 6’ without knowing what to expect,” reads the recruitment note, which promises “a series of tests that will take your breath away”. The announcement was made by Netflix on social media on Tuesday evening, the 14th. The series “Round 6” became a sensation in the past year, but also controversial due to the prevailing violence and the climate of paranoia installed among the protagonists of the fake competition. Hundreds of people from the humblest strata of South Korean society are invited to take part in a mysterious game whose rules change as the tests progress, except for the most important one: save yourself if you can. Losers are ruthlessly weeded out by machines or masked vigilantes. The price of the game increases as players fall until it reaches an astronomical sum. Netflix guarantees that in its reallife version of the game, “the worst thing that can happen is going home emptyhanded.” “Win or lose, all players will come out unscathed. But if you win, you win big!” adds the platform’s call.

*With information from AFP.