Worry in Ohio after the train wreck 9 days ago

Worry in Ohio after the train wreck 9 days ago. The charge is still burning, animals are dying

Worry in Ohio after the train wreck 9 days ago

20 wagons with vinyl chloride were involved in the derailment, the fire brigade used controlled combustion. Controversy over the lack of media coverage of the incident and the dangerous nature of rail travel

The situation remains serious a East Palestinea village near the city Pittsburghin Ohio, United States where last February 4th a train that had also derailed vinyl chloride. The derailment associated with it 20 of the 100 cars of the convoy, the cargo caught fire and caused Toxic Clouds which prompted authorities to evacuate residents, who were allowed to return to their homes two days later. Vinyl chloride increases the risk of liver cancer and other cancers. Firefighters take care of a controlled combustion which can avoid potentially more dangerous explosions. But it spreads in the air phosgene, a highly toxic gas. Multiple reports coming from residents of an area that extends to 100 miles (160 kilometers) from the site of the derailment that is reported fish kills, animals and birds.

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There are fears environmental disaster can also arise soil and groundwater pollution an extensive area around the derailment site. Resident groups have filed a lawsuit against the railway company Norfolk in the south which requires the company to ensure payment for examinations and possible treatment for residents within a 30-mile radius. Norfolk Southern declined to comment on the lawsuit. Some residents have already complained of headaches and widespread malaise

The story has also sparked controversy due to reporting of the incident from the US media. Plus the NewsNation reporter Evan Lambert was arrested for “trespassing” and released after five hours when he started a live broadcast from the disaster site to coincide with the start of the Ohio Governor’s press conference Mike DeWine. The danger emanating from convoys of this type for the population and the environment is also discussed controversially. According to the US Department of Transportation, approximately 4.5 million tons of chemicals Toxic travel by train and every day 12 thousand wagons You pass cities and communities. Environmental groups have pointed out that in a similar accident to the one in Ohio, a train carrying LNG (liquefied petroleum gas) exploded with the same magnitude Hiroshima.