World Juniors Sweden sends Finland off at the end of

World Juniors: Sweden sends Finland off at the end of the game

Despite a very difficult start to the game, the Swedes bounced back with a 3-2 win over Finland in Moncton on Monday to advance to the semi-finals of the World Junior Ice Hockey Championships.

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Leo Carlsson and Victor Stjernborg completely changed the outcome of this encounter with nets in the final four minutes of the encounter.

Goalkeeper Carl Lindbom then put the finishing touches to the 6:4 of the Finns with a convincing glove save in the last minute, the masked man showed a total of 33 saves.

However, the game had started badly for the Swedes, who scored only two shots on goal in the first period. The hope of Montreal Canadiens Oliver Kapanen thus enabled Finland to take first place in the table. However, a first goal from Carlsson allowed the Swedes to retire to the dressing room with an equalizer after 20 minutes.

Niko Huuhtanen was Finland’s other goalscorer, while Jani Lampinen failed three times in 20 shots in front of his net.

In summary

In the first game of the relegation round, the Latvians made short work of Austria and won 5:2.

Emils Veckaktins scored twice in the win while Bogdans Hodass had three points (one goal, two assists).