Working in War An Everyday Life When the Bombs Are

Working in War: An Everyday Life When the Bombs Are Falling

How Ukrainian women carry out their work while the country is ruled by war. From the ordinary state of emergency.

The sky is red. Looking out the window, Liliia Zubarieva sees the rockets flying. Her son burst into her room at 4:45 am and shouted, “The war has begun!” She is shocked. Months before February 24, 2022, news of an imminent escalation in Ukraine began to spread. Bank employees thought about economic lockdowns or cyberattacks. She didn’t expect tanks and bombs, though.

On that day, Russia expanded its invasion of Ukraine to the entire country. After the first phone calls, it becomes clear to her: Kiev is under attack from all sides. Zubarieva’s life changed radically. But she didn’t know anything about it at the time.