Words of comfort for Antonella Fiordelisi by Sarah Altobello Big

Words of comfort for Antonella Fiordelisi by Sarah Altobello Big Brother VIP | GFVIP 7 Big Brother

In the garden, Antonella Think back to tonight’s long confrontation with Edwardand exchanges thoughts with his partner Sarah.

“You’ll see that you’ll solve it tonight,” says the columnist, given the strong resentment on the part of the VIPs. “I’m too hurt,” the fencer replies immediately, almost uninterested in clarification.

Sarah tries to get her adventure companion to think and advises her not to make hasty decisions that she might regret. “Things don’t solve themselves overnight, it takes time,” she says, advising her to let go of her anger.

The VIP remains very disappointed with the speaker’s behavior and reiterates that he has been influenced by some fellow residents. Convinced of her thoughts, she also adds that the people he considers friends will sooner or later be the same ones who will turn their backs on him, and the handsome Roman, in her opinion, will be alone, without a shoulder to rest on he stands counting and blowing off steam.

“I don’t allow myself to be treated like that,” Antonella concludes her outburst, thinking of Edoardo’s silence to clear it up and explains, still expressing her disappointment that she wants to pull away from their tumultuous relationship. How will the relationship between the most talked about couple in the house turn out?