1676896340 Womens dispute in the parking lot of the department store

Women’s dispute in the parking lot of the department store: 26 year old mother shot dead in front of her children

Alexandria Cress Borys, 26, was shot dead outside the Kroger grocery store in Irmo, South Carolina on February 14, allegedly by Christina Harrison, 23, who is now being held on murder and other charges.

Alexandria Cress Borys (left) and Christina Harrison (right)

Alexandria Cress Borys (left) and Christina Harrison (right)

She was a mother of two killed by shot by fire before his children after a Fight with another woman on Valentine’s Day. The events took place in front of a Kroger chain IrmoIn South Carolina.

That’s what the police said Christine Harrison23, shot at Alexandria Cress Borys, 26, in a car park on Saint Andrews Road just before 4pm on Tuesday 14 February. It’s unclear why the women argued, but they clarified that Harrison turned himself in after a brief escape.

Speaking to local broadcaster WACH, the victim’s husband, Tyler, described his wife as “an amazing mom” and stressed they would shot in the back. According to the 26-year-old was shopping Al Kroger, E their children – a 2 year old and a few months old – were in the car when Harrison shot them. “From what I’ve established, they were either done with the argument or Alex left. That suggests she was shot in the back,” the man told WIS News.

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The victim with her husband and one of the children

The victim with her husband and one of the children

Irmo Police Chief Bobby Dale said in a statement the two women had not previously known each other Shoot. “Unfortunately, this is a situation where tempers have flared and someone is letting their anger get the best of them,” she explained.

Harrison has to answer murderillegally carrying a handgun and possessing a firearm during a violent crime.

The shooting shook the small community of Irmo; There’s a lot of concern that the Kroger was “the only” mall in town, “so there’s going to be a ripple effect throughout this community,” a local resident told WACH.

The victim’s husband later revealed that the tragedy comes just a week after the death of Alexandria’s brother.