Women in Italian Parliament decline for first time in 20

Women in Italian Parliament decline for first time in 20 years

Flaminia Sacca, a professor of sociology at Rome’s La Sapienza University, pointed out that the 18th legislature, which runs from March 2018 to October 13, has 35 percent female MPs, but the next only has 31 percent women .

On the other hand, Italian women turned out less in the Sept. 25 elections than in previous elections, Sacca said.

In the current electoral roll, 51.74 percent of voters are women, but only 62.19 percent of them exercised their right to vote, while the proportion for men is more than three points higher.

27.0 percent of female voters voted for the ultra-nationalist Brothers of Italy (FdI), while 21.0 percent voted for the Democratic Party (PD) and 15.0 percent supported the 5 Star Movement (M5S), the source added .

The analysis, published by Sky TG24, says that while for the first time in this country’s history a woman will take over as Prime Minister, FdI leader Giorgia Meloni, it does not mean real political progress for the female gender.

In fact, in the parties that make up the ultra-conservative alliance that won these elections, also made up of La Liga, Noi Moderati and Forza Italia (FI), only two women occupy one of the 14 most important positions, for 14.0 Percent, percent of the total.

Only Meloni, as president of the FdI, and Anna Maria Bernini, as deputy coordinator of the FI, are in these important positions. In contrast, the proportion in the left-wing parties is 12 and 12 in the federal leadership of the PD and 16 men and three women in the M5S, he specifies.