Woman shares how she formed Trisal with best friend and

Woman shares how she formed Trisal with best friend and husband: ‘happy family’

Australians Dee, 30, and Dennis, 36, saw their lives change after Amy, 31, approached them. Married for seven years, monogamous and with two children aged 2 and 5. The two became best friends and over time passion became present. The couple preferred to adjust to ending the relationship and the three formed a trisal.

In an interview with Australian newspaper News.com.au, Amy said the two had been friends for two years when they started developing feelings for each other. After intensive discussions with her husband, Dee began to relate to her friend and keep the marriage parallel. After two months Dennis also fell in love with Amy and so the three decided to be together.

Amy, mother of a 5yearold child, moved in with the couple. They took over the relationship in April 2021 and currently live in the same house with their three children. The Trisal shares care with the children and they sleep in the same bed. “We all sleep together and I sleep in the middle. We flipped a king bed on its side for more space. We’re all small, so it works,” jokes Amy.

The start of their relationship was not planned. That developed quite naturally. This brings with it a lot of feelings and insecurities. We’re still working on reassuring each other when needed and talking about boundaries.

Up until then, Dee was the only one who had ever been in a polyamorous relationship. Sexual relationships take place both when the three are together and apart. Amy even said that all the children are happy with the family. “Our kids are siblings now and have adjusted to the dynamic very well,” she said.

Despite the fact that love formation often surprises many people, the Trisal keeps their relationship healthy and balanced.

One of the biggest misconceptions people say is that when you love a second person, you love the first person less. That’s wrong. Love is an infinite resource. Just because I love Dee and started a relationship with Dennis doesn’t mean I love Dee any less. That will not do. i have feelings for both