Woman pretends to be dead to avoid paying loan

Woman pretends to be dead to avoid paying loan

A woman is suspected of faking her own death to avoid paying back a Rs 22,000 loan in Indonesia.

According to the Hindustan Times newspaper, the case happened on December 11, when Liza Dewi Pramita’s daughter announced her mother’s death on Facebook.

Alongside the statement of grief, the young woman posted photos of the woman’s face in an alleged coffin and being taken to the hospital on a stretcher.

One of those surprised by the publication was Maya Gunawan, a creditor who was owed money by the victim.

According to Maya, Liza took out a loan of 22,000 rupees and said she will repay the amount on November 20. On payday, she asked for an extension to December 6, but the money was never delivered.

Maya offered her condolences to the family and asked where the woman’s wake would be held, but became suspicious when she found out the funeral would be in another province.

He decided to reversesearch published photos and discovered that some images showing Liza’s body on a stretcher were from a television show.

The woman’s daughter soon confessed to the scam, confirming that the death was announced so the mother would not pay her debts.

Police were called and the woman was listed as “missing” until the last day of 2022.