Woman claims to be in love with suspected killer

Woman claims to be in love with suspected killer

A Kentucky woman has declared her love for a man accused of four murders at the University of Idaho in the United States.

Brittney Hislope shared her romantic feelings for Bryan Kohberger on her Facebook page. She never met or communicated with him.

The statement comes five days after the arrest of the person alleged to have fatally stabbed four Idaho students on Nov. 13.

“I have deep feelings for Bryan and am obsessed with him even though I don’t know how he feels about me,” the woman wrote on her Facebook profile.

She says she has been emotionally affected since seeing the photo of the person alleged to have committed the murders. She brings up the fact that both share the same astrological sign, Scorpio, and that this may explain why he is her “divine masculine counterpart”.

Brittney Hislope even claims to have sent letters to Kohberger at the prison where he is being held. She would have awakened their romantic feelings and also sent him photos of her.

The woman did not respond to multiple media inquiries and family members could not be reached for comment, the New York Post reported.